Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Check out Mikaels Lounge, gents

Gaborone is the home for a new concept called Mikaels Gents Lounge, which was launched on December 1, 2016. The high-end men’s boutique was launched by Image Consultant and serial entrepreneur, Iona Omphile at The Craft Market in Broadhurst Industrial. 

“With the opening of Mikaels Gents Lounge, we are aiming to give men in Gaborone a unique shopping experience. The boutique is designed like an elegant lounge focused more on creating the right mood; a mood perfect for making that critical decision of buying a bespoke suite. The Gents Lounge is by appointment only, meaning every customer is received individually, or with a trusted friend or two. The care, attention and detail the experience offers, echoes the expected outcomes of a suit cut to measure to fit an individual and his tastes,” said Omphile. 

Miakels Gents Lounge is unlike any other shopping experience as customers need to call ahead in order to schedule a time for a consultation. Once a time is booked, the customer can come to the lounge to review swatches of fabric for the envisioned suit or shirt. There are ample look books and fabrics swatches to help inspire the customer. 

The Lounge itself is a discrete and luxurious nook in the The Craft Market complex tucked away in Broadhurst Industrial. Upon entering the reception foyer, the customer will encounter a ceiling-to-floor set of shelves stocked with a selection of unique shoes, mainly hand crafted and all imported. Moving further into the boutique the customer will discover an actual lounge where they can relax while they contemplate their suit of choice. 

The highly knowledgeable Mikaels team is on hand to talk through the many fabric swatches and page books to help a customer select their choice of suit, and accessories. Adding further to the lounge is a grooming service where a gentleman might trim their hair or settle further into the ambiance and enjoy a refreshment. 

Omphile explains; “Selecting a bespoke suit is a process and one has to be in the right frame of mind to select the perfect ensemble. Mikaels sets the scene and the mood with a contemporary lounge with 70s touches, floor-to-ceiling book shelves and an intimate space for a gentleman to relax in. Once fabrics and styles have been selected with the help of our team, customers can then be measured and their specifications sent to the design studio.” 

Upon paying a deposit customers can expect a four to six-week wait for their creations to arrive. A final fitting will be carried out at the lounge before the suit is packaged for the client to take home upon settling the remainder of the bill. The store also has various neckwear and lapel adornments as well as a wide range of shoe care accessories for the gent to purchase over the counter. 

Mikaels is open from 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, and 10am to 1pm on Sundays. The Gents’ Lounge does not open on Saturdays due to owners observing the Sabbath.


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