Saturday, December 9, 2023

Chedza Fane launches ‘I AM’

‘I AM’ is statement of self-discovery and affirmation by one of the most talented horn players to emerge from the Botswana Defence Force, Chedza Fane.

He describes himself as a farmer and a lover of nature. He is a soldier. He is recently married and straddles the roles of the army, which often take him away from home, with those of family and his chosen vocation, music.

Fane first found expression in some of the in-house bands at the BDF which also assembled at the end of the year to raise funds for charitable organisations. He was identified by a senior musician at the BDF, guitarist Sebene Morolong, as one who could lend his talents to ‘Jazz Impromptu’, a band formed to seek application of the jazz idiom to the more traditional formal training, which emphasises European classical music.

The first song on the CD,’ Mofufutso’ is a ‘work of labour’, which attests to the struggles that all aspiring musicians go through to achieve self-realisation in the music industry.

The song, written in the key of E flat, introduces itself at the fourth before establishing itself with a mbaqanga riff, going full circle to close with the intro.

Of all Fane’s compositions, it stands out as an example of how ‘jazz’ expression can be fused with home brewed Southern African folk music to produce a thoroughly entertaining piece of music for both musician and audience.

‘Chomie’ comes from Fane’s bachelor days. It speaks about love worn out by false promises and deceptions.

“Kgokgntsho’ speaks against domestic violence.

The predominant theme is ‘love’, maturely expressed in the vernacular and folk idiom.

Rampholo Molefhe’s contribution, ‘Lenyalo’, is inspired by the recent marriage of Fane to Roseline and the CD is completed by a unique rendition of the folk song, ‘Mme Nthome Morakeng’.

Sunday 19 December ought to provide exciting entertainment for music lovers of the folk and jazz ilk.

Renowned folk performer, Stampore, makes an appearance with his ensemble, the Stampore Trio. Stampore never disappoints.

Lister Boloseng, a saxophonist of some reckoning in his own right, also comes out to support his colleague.

The CD launch starts in the early evening until 10:00 at the Millennium Jazz Restaurant.

The entrance fee is P40.


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