Sunday, May 28, 2023

Chibua plans ahead

Mr. Isaac Chibua is currently producing artworks for the solo exhibition he is hosting early this year. He expresses concern that last year he was busy with his personal life and that tremendously affected production let alone performance.
“I intend to make use of this year 2008 to the fullest and urge the public not to miss my solo exhibition,”

He feels that it is time for him to express himself better with gallons of inspiration he gathered both locally and internationally. Chibua has established himself a good reputation as an artist with a fascinating style of art production and has developed passion on the subject of everyday life of his environment. He is aware that embarking in the arts is a serious challenge and knows that it would not be easy. According to him, yes there are obstacles as part of the game, and was quick to insist that he listens to his heart and follow his dreams so as to realize them.

His career in the arts started in 1999, after completing Tirelo Sechaba in Maun. He heard about Thapong Visual Arts in 2000 and immediately joined as a member. Being a member of Thapong has contributed a lot to his career because he was able to interact, share knowledge and skills with others. He realizes that this creative adventure has indeed been an enriching experience conducive to a real sharing/exchange. As a self-taught artist, he uses workshops which are organized at Thapong as opportunities to equip himself. His pleasant character helps him to cooperate well with customers. Chibua has proved to be fullÔÇôtime artist who is making a life out of art. He doesn’t have any job but his art work helps him to bring food on the table.

In addition, Chibua has shown his commitment to the development of the contemporary art in Botswana by participating in several exhibitions at the National Museum and Art Gallery as well as Thapong. He was invited to Thapelo International Workshop in 2005 in Cape Town, South Africa. He had an opportunity to work alongside renowned artists from Britain and Ireland. This particular workshop reached different corners of the globe aiming to create a strong regional and international network of artists ÔÇô a cultural village for artists where there is no notion of 1st, 2nd or 3rd world artists. In 2007, he attended Gabs’ Art Workshop 2007, which was supported by the French government.

Mr. Chibua was also invited to China in 2006 for an international sculpture workshop in the city of Changchun. He was given an opportunity to make a permanent sculpture in a sculpture park. The sculpture has a significance meaning for Botswana. It is 18m tall. The sculpture itself speaks a lot about the arts in Botswana and gives our local art scene a good image. It will make tourists from around the world want to discover Botswana.

His greatest achievement is when he scoped the Orange Bolsterer Visual Artists of the year award 2007. The award made him realize that artists are appreciated in Botswana. He also encouraged other artists to participate in these awards as it will help them to work hard and expose them to the community as visual artists. After wining this award, Chibua intended to vigorously work with the community, staging solo exhibitions, and representing Botswana internationally.

Chibua is also planning to go for formal training in the arts.

“It is very important for us to receive training because we have to be abreast with the growing challenges of this world.”

He emphasized the point that art is developing in other media such as digital. Video art is getting publicity in other countries where they want to market themselves. He is willing to get training in casting and other related sculpture.


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