Monday, January 17, 2022

Chiefs calls for establishment of Old Age Homes

Dikgosi last week adopted a motion tabled by Kgosi Masunga, calling for the establishment of the Old Age Homes for senior Citizens with no immediate families.

The motion was well received, with all Dikgosi nodding as the motion was presented.

Speaking in an interview, Kgosi Masunga stated that the continuing disintegration of the extended family structure and the adoption of nuclear family leave senior citizens without caretakers.

The youthful Kgosi said while the idea of old age homes will come as a culture shock to traditional Batswana who still look to families to care for the old, culture will have to accommodate the current trends because “the idea driven is about people who are still alive and who need care”.

Presenting the motion on Friday, Kgosi Masunga cited an incident that happened in his community when an old woman was found tired and not able to reach any place or even able to go back home.

Masunga said when they looked for the children and grand children to the old woman, they were nowhere to be found.

He said research has shown that there are many old people who have never had children and who are now on their own.

The Chief indicated that since the old people cannot fend for themselves, Old Age homes will provide basic needs for them with social workers and nurses ensuring that their well being is met.
“This does not mean throwing away parents to Old Age homes,” Masunga cautioned.

He further indicated that the old people in the Old Age Homes will be well looked after, particularly where the Government is in control to see how things are going.

“Old Age Homes are useful for people who are neglected by their children as they would feel being part of society and have a sense of belonging,” explained Masunga.

He said old people cannot run away if there is a fire in the building and cannot even react to emergency situations therefore there is need to ensure safety of the residents.

“The nursing home should have necessary amenities that will influence residents to stay comfortable as if in their own homes,” said Masunga.

He also indicated that the motion should be community-based with the help of professionals, adding that today’s conditions are the ones forcing and causing the need for Old Age centers.

Masunga said the idea may bring shock to people when they hear about it but once implemented, they will be able to feel and see the need and purpose being served by the center as it would provide good care while the old people stay together as age mates.


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