Wednesday, May 18, 2022

CHILDLINE BOTSWANA gets hefty donation from BOCCIM

As a secretariat for the private sector and the voice of the business community, BOCCIM raised and donated a total of P170 860 to Childline Botswana on Monday.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, BOCCIM Managing Director, Maria Machailo-Elis, said that her organization has always been concerned about the welfare of the community.

“We approached a few companies and they responded promptly to our calls. I urge both the private sector and the government to continue practicing the spirit of sharing with the community and carry on with their corporate social responsibilities where there is need,” said Machailo-Elis.

She said that this should be an on-going thing and promised the audience that they will keep going the good work.

Machailo-Elis thanked the Botswana Insurance Company for giving P25 000, KPMG for P120 000, InkTec for P15 000, Bifm for P5 000, Debswana for P10 000 and Solar Power for P1000 contributions.
She said that BOCCIM management and staff had pledged P6 510.

“This decision (or initiative) is not to be criticized and I acknowledge all the sponsors,” she said.

Receiving the cheque, Childline Chairperson, Wilhemina Makwinja, thanked former Miss Botswana, Somiya Marope, for opening many doors for NGOs such as Childline.

“We are a nonprofit making organization and we survive through non consistent donations. Every thebe we get is accounted for,” said Makwinja. She thanked BOCCIM for the support and highlighted that it is never enough. She also mentioned that the money will be used on the daily running of the organization and employees salaries.

“Children are very expensive to maintain and everything, such as milk and nappies, is expensive. We have to give these children the best family atmosphere as they were brought here because of traumatizing child abuse cases,” said Makwinja.

Childline board members, BOCCIM staff and donor companies witnessed the ceremony.

Childline is an NGO, which accommodates and rehabilitates neglected children from one-day-old to 5 years. It has grown in many years and it is based in Gaborone’s Block 7.

Teenagers also can access them for help while parents abused by children can also access help from them.


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