Monday, August 15, 2022

Chilies gave Resego more than just a kick in the mouth

Resego Peloewetse has been in and out of jobs for over 10 years now and has gotten nowhere with i. At 32, she realised that time waits for nobody and that it is on her to make her life what she wants it to be. “My latest job was with a very reputable company up until late last year. I wasn’t happy at all there but stomached it until the bitter end when sour relations between me and my then boss cost me the job,” said Peloewetse.

She said a light bulb went on in her head one evening while cooking dinner for her family after feeling sorry for herself the whole afternoon, which had become a regular occurrence in her days of unemployment. “I’m very experimental in the kitchen so I have had this chilies recipe that I have sworn by for decades. I discovered it during one of my little experiments and stuck to it ever since,” she said.

Peloewetse said her family really enjoyed dinner that evening because she had made stew infused with her magical chilies. “That night I decided to venture into the chilies business with hope that the rest of the world might just fall in love with it too,” said Peloewetse. She said she did a trial the next morning taking with her just 10 little containers of her chilies to nearby offices and never saw anything sell so fast!

Just three months into self employment, Peloewetse sounded very excited and eager to carry on with selling chilies while exploring all possible avenues. “The demand for chilies is so much that I already feel the need to invest in bigger equipment in order to handle it,” she said. Peloewetse said she has already approached a number of local retailers who fell in love at first sight with her product and just that move has made her future look so bright.

“I feel ready to start engaging agents as my clientele grows every minute and the bulk of it is from word of mouth. The little marketing that I did in the beginning really paid off more than I imagined,” said Peloewetse. She said although she is still working on putting her chilies on the shelves, she has already established a growing customer base with restaurants, hotels as well as individuals. “Next year my chilies will be on shelves in every store as that’s my main focus as we speak. I will have different chilies flavours, it will come in different strengths and in different sizes,” she said.

Peloewetse acknowledged that just as it is the case with other entrepreneurs she also meets challenges along the way but has learnt to be thick skinned towards them. “Chilies have become my life, it pays the rent, utilities and puts food on my table. But sometimes a blender breaks when I least expect and I must rush into Game and part with a lot of money. Those are just some of the rainy days that I have to go through every once in a while,” she said. Peloewetse said she had to learn the hard way that a business account that is kept with close to nothing can be detrimental to the business and has therefore conditioned herself to maintain a healthy bank balance to accommodate emergencies.

“Because I have a dream of seeing my business grow, I decided to trim all the little habits that I had, which when added up, proved to be the biggest money spenders,” she said. Peloewetse said she is rich in spirit because of the satisfaction she gets from positive customer feedback. “I am so encouraged by the demand as it means I am doing things right. My days of being employed by a boss are so far behind me. As long as I have my chilies I will never look back!” she said.


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