Thursday, June 13, 2024

Chinese troupe puts up a scintillating show

Multitudes turned up at the Gaborone International Conference Center (GICC) on Saturday night to witness the glamorous performances by the People’s Republic of China artists.

The event, which embraced the singing and dancing of China, was graced by the Ambassador of China, government officials, among them the minister of Finance and Development Planning, the Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, diplomats and the public at large.

People were entertained by thirteen performances by Chinese artists from different production groups in China. Among the groups were artists from Art Troupe of Coal Mine Industry, who were mostly performing female and male solos as well as Acrobatics, Central Ethnic and Dance Troupe, Quangzhou Puppet Troupe and Shiyan Min-opera House of Fujian Province.

Speaking at the event, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Liu HuanXiang, said the event gives them a chance to share their culture through the different performances and also serves as a link to Chinese all over the world.

The artists are a pleasure to watch and their interaction with the audience does not show that they are from different countries. The performers appeared to be passionate and showed fun in what they are doing. They also displayed artistic characteristics and also presented talented and interesting performances. They performed solos, ventriloquism, mini operas and duetto.

The performances started with Miss Feng Xia singing a female solo, Jasmine Flower, Love My China. She engaged the audience and left the house roaring with ululations.

Miss Sheng Rong also engaged the audience with her performance when she performed Time to Leave, which the audience was able to sing along as it is a well-known song in English.

Miss Mani, an acrobat, caught the house by surprise when she displayed her flexibility on stage. As she continued to do her thing, she brought the audience to its feet when she held her lit rolling lamps by her feet, back and also on her head and continued stretching her body with the lamps balanced all over her.

More than ten other Chinese artists performed for the mesmerised audience.


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