Thursday, February 29, 2024

Christians respond to Olifant Mfa’s suggestions

Dear Editor

The Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana wishes to endorse and appreciate the speedy response by the office of the president in clarifying the President’s stand on the current debacle on the possibility of amending the constitution to extend the presidential term to fifteen years. The EFB reacts to suggestions for a constitutional amendment to allow for a 3 year term.

We note with concern that in some African countries where there is anarchy, dictatorship and a ‘drought of good governance’, this debate has been used to justify the institutionalization of undemocratic lifetime presidents. The question in the minds of many Batswana is, since our constitution authorizes only two terms, what are the compelling issues that are causing a reflection on this term limit, more especially since the incumbent president has not even been in office six months? What makes the proponents of the debate think that the president, who still has nine years and six months more, will have a lot of unfinished business to do?

Batswana must be assured that the current President is a law abiding president who, despite his military background, will emulate his two predecessors by handing over the baton when the right time comes. In his own words, His Excellency the President is an avowed democrat.

We wish to caution our national leaders like the Honourable Mfa and Maoto to continue to put Botswana first and desist from promoting short term proposals that are motivated by personal self interest. Our young democracy needs to continue to be enhanced and nurtured.
We pray God to grant His Excellency the President good health, great wisdom and strength during his tenure. God bless Botswana.

Pastor Owen Isaacs (General Secretary ÔÇô Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana)


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