Saturday, April 13, 2024

Church rivalry spawns Miss All Churches pageant

There is an increasing amount of rivalry between churches these days, a rivalry that reminds one of two children belonging to the same parents, but who can’t stop engaging in a sibling tiff.

With each church member believing that their church is the one doing the will of
God, it is common to find a group of people around the country engaged in a heated discussion about the differences between the newly popular Pentecostal churches and other churches most of us were raised in.

It is an argument which is slowly making its permanent mark in the mouths of Batswana so much it will be easy for it to gain the title, “A Life Long Never Ending Discussion.”

There are some people out there who do their hardest to try and put the rivalry aside in order to bring churches together. One comes in the form of a Christian Youth Organization which goes by the name Buck Entertainment.

“Buck Entertainment is a Christian Organization consisting of young adults who are passionate and enthusiastic about serving God. We are striving to make a change not only in the community but the nation as a whole. ‘BUCK’ which stands for Bringing Up Christ’s Kingdom is aimed at organizing Christian events which promote positivity in the society while shaping up the nation to be a better generation,” says Bokamoso H. Mokola.

The organization consists of Mokola himself, Candy Modikwa, Tebogo Keromang and Tinashe Mangiroza.
Asked what inspired them to host Miss All Churches, Mokola said, “We realised that as churches we are not the entity we should be (A single body of Christ).”

He added that Miss All Churches was organised so that it can be a platform to unite all churches through modeling.

The pageant is the first of its kind and open to any young women aged between 18 and 27 who are born again or are willing to give their lives to Christ.

Asked what the main aim of the beauty contest is, he said that it was to provide a fun-filled platform for young believers to enjoy their salvation in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“As well as broadcasting to the world the higher life Jesus makes available to everyone who believes in Him,” Mokola said.

To perform at the event which will be held next Saturday (August 21) at Rainbow Hall is MVP, Transformerz, TNT, All The Way, Dj Riley, Not Ashamed, Onel27, Monga, Tag Team, IVhy, MC Bambino & Nicole.


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