Thursday, July 7, 2022

CID allegedly kidnap SRC president and dump him in bushes near airport

The University of Botswana (UB)’s Student Representative Council (SRC) President, Kagiso Thutwe, was allegedly seized and manhandled by three men who claimed to be agents of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) then dumped in the bushes near Sir Seretse Khama Airport.

These allegations come a day after UB students had chased out men and women supposedly working for the CID from one of their meetings.

The alleged agents were wearing casual attire and would have easily faded into the crowd had they not been pinpointed by the president and chased out one by one.

According to Owen Nsala, the SRC’s Minister of justice, Thutwe was seized by the unknown men after they lured him away from the crowd with a cellphone message within which they claimed to be visitors awaiting his arrival at professor Lydia Nyathi-Ramahobo’s office.

The president had been attending the student body meeting at the university hall when he received the message and headed for Ramahobo’s office only to be led away by the men who addressed him by name.

Nsala revealed to the Sunday Standard that the men apparently led the young lad to the CID headquarters where they decided to park outside and launch threats at him.

“Apparently, they kept asking him questions like if he knew this place (referring to the CID headquarters)? And why he was leading a strike? And threatened him that if he kept leading the strike, they would eventually take him to jail,” said Nsala.

Collaborating his story, vice president of the SRC, Molatedi Kgotla, exposed the events that occurred to his co-leader during the boycotting process.
According to Kgotla, the president talked about how he was senselessly threatened and interrogated for his part in leading what the men termed as a strike.

“He told us he was warned to stop leading the strike or he would have to face possible jail time,” said Kgotla

The men then eventually dumped him in the bushes near the airport where he had to find his way back to the university grounds.

“The amusing part about this scenario is that we were not on a strike; we were on a mission to petition against the ministry’s decision to stop allowances for re-taking students, and when we realized that they were not going to change their minds, we decided to file an urgent application at court. The procedures before then were performed as a way of enlightening other students of the decision to take the ministry to court,” said Kgotla.

Lobatse High Court judge Justice Walia will hear UB students’ urgent application filed against the Ministry of Education tomorrow (Monday) at half past nine.

The students decided to take the court route after the ministry made it clear that it would not change its decision to halt personal and maintenance allowances given to re-taking students.
The students are using final year law students to act as their advisors and representatives in court.


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