Thursday, January 28, 2021

Clash of colours causes concern

Clashing of team colours was always a problem to most teams in the past Premier League matches.

Mochudi Center Chiefs is one of such teams and have had some of their matches delayed because of a clash of uniform colours.

The team has since found a solution and have a new red and black Nike kit, which the spokesperson of the team said is an away kit.

The same incident was witnessed at the galaxy stadium on Saturday in a game between Gunners and Jwaneng Comets. The game was delayed for 90 minutes because the colours of the two teams clashed.
Gunners had their home and away kits but still clashed with both Gunners kits. However, the situation was saved after Gunners borrowed a kit from a local Sunday Football club.

For the first time, the Peleng Boys appeared in an unfamiliar blue kit. In an interview with The Telegraph, Centre Chiefs spokesperson Clifford Mogomotsi said their new red and black kit is an away kit and they are also going to be using it when playing with teams with the same colours as their black and white kit.

“If we are going to play Taffic in Francistown, we are going to use our black and white kit, whilst against teams like Gunners, which traditionally has the same colours as ours, we will use the red one to avoid a clash of colours,” said Mogomotsi.

Acting general manager of the premier league, Setete Phuthego, quoted article 19.3 of the player’s rules and regulation, “…The visiting team shall carry with it an alternative colour which must be available at the field of play for quick change, and within 15 minutes from the time the referee orders such change. In the event of the unavailability of the alternative colour, the offending team shall be liable to a fine of not more than P2000 and forfeit the points of the game to
the innocent club with two (2) goals.”

Phuthego further said they always expect teams to carry three colors to the game, their home kit, away kit and the one in which most instances is a different colour.

He also quoted article 19.1 that, “Each club shall register with the committee of its respective league its home colours. At the commencement of each season, each club shall register its away colours for that season. Any change in the home colours shall be communicated to the league committee accordingly. Clubs shall use their registered home colours for all their home games. If a home club uses a colour other than the registered home colours and this results in a clash of colours, that club will be the offending club in terms of sub-regulation 19.3 and shall face the consequences stipulated thereon accordingly.”


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