Sunday, January 17, 2021

CMS manageress gives evidence in court

Baile Moumakwa, a manager of the Central Medical Stores, recently said that a drug called anti haemophilia factor was a perishable drug that is never transported by road as it needs monitoring and urgent attention.

She said this whilst giving evidence in a case in which Bushi Nthibo, Jabulani Johnson, Norman Maju, Lebogang Kaisara, Oitsile Mosarwa Bee Nfala, Clement Molefe and Patrick Cole are facing charges of having obtained P20 million from the Botswana Government by falsely pretending that they had supplied the Ministry of Health with pharmaceuticals when they knew this not to be true.
Moumakwa said that this particular drug is, in most cases, transported by air, not by road as documents show that the consignment was cleared at a boarder between Botswana and South Africa.

Moumakwa also told the Court that the documents used in the transaction were not genuine and that the signature used on them did not belong to their procurement officer. Besides that, she said that all the fillings in the documents were not in agreement with the practice at the Central Medical Stores.

Under cross examination by Duma Boko, Moumakwa confirmed that she had not provided her signature specimen to investigators.

Under cross examination by yet another lawyer, Unoda Mack, Moumakwa was adamant that Nthibo was the only person taking care of CMS transactions at the Ministry of Health Accounting Unit. When asked by Mack if it was not true that there were 10 officers at the accounting unit taking care of CMS transactions, Moumakwa said that at the Ministry of Health Accounting Unit, there were officers who were assigned to work under different Departments but that Nthibo was the only one assigned to take care of CMS transactions.

Recently, one of the accused persons in this matter, Jabulani Johnson, an employee of CMS, whom it was thought had skipped bail, reappeared in Court. He explained to the Court that he was not able to attend the previous sessions of Court because he had been arrested in South Africa on an unrelated matter but that he had now been granted bail.

The CMS case has been attracting a lot of audience and the security in the case is provided by armed members of the Special Support Group.
The case before Lot Moroka is scheduled to continue tomorrow. Lawyers representing the accused are Duma Boko, Dick Bayford and Unoda Mack.


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