Thursday, January 21, 2021

Coca Cola tournament goes for twenty years

Following the lapsing of their sponsorship of last season, Coca-Cola has once again renewed their sponsorship of the Coca Cola Cup run by the Botswana Football Association for another three years.

The three-year-sponsorship means that the company’s marriage with football extends into twenty years.
The first edition of the tournament was held in 1992 and it has been continuous since then.

This year’s tournament is also historic in that it is offering a lot of money such as never seen in a football tournament in the country.

The overall sponsorship amounts to P6.2 million with the winner pocketing P 350 000.
The winner will be given an additional P150 000 provided they participate in the Africa Club championships and thus take the whole package to P500 000.
The amount is a tremendous increase especially since last year’s winner pocketed P145 000.

The Player of the Tournament’s prize, on the other hand, has also been increased by almost three fold. It will be P20 000 compared to last year’s P7 000.
The Top Goal Scorer prize and the Best Goalkeeper prizes have also been increased drastically. They will pocket P15 000 and P10 000, respectively, compared to the previous prize of P4 000.

In addition, there are also new prizes that were not there before. These include the Number One Soccer Fan who is set to walk away with P5 000.
Coca-Cola has also set aside an amount of P200 000 to help the teams towards their travel expenses, something most teams were crying for in the past.
The Managing Director of Kgalagadi Breweries, Hloni Matsela, expressed gratitude for his company’s long involvement with football in Botswana.

“Looking to the future, when we celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2011, Coca-Cola will have made an overall investment into Botswana football of approximately P13 million over the years. We are proud to have been able to play a pioneering role in investing considerably in our local football, and motivating other corporations to also show a keen interest and, in turn, increase their football sponsorship,” he said. The increase in sponsorship was applauded by the Botswana Football Association (BFA) President, David Fani.

He said Coca Cola showed unwavering support and unparalleled loyalty to football.”
Fani added that the partnership between the BFA and Coca Cola is demonstrative of the willingness and preparedness of the two parties to work together in the development of football in Botswana.

“The fact that the parties have collaborated for the last seventeen years makes this relationship very special. So far, it is the longest sustained liaison between the BFA and any single partner. I want to thank Coca Cola for its commitment over these many years. Every football person will look forward to the three years down the line with greater anticipation when the two parties will celebrate their twentieth marriage anniversary,” he said.

Since its inception in 1992, Township Rollers are the only team to have won the tournament four times. The first team to win the tournament was Extension Gunners when they walloped Tafic 3-2. The current defending championship is Mochudi Centre Chiefs.

Previous Coca Cola winners

1992: Gunners
(Gunners 3, Tafic 2)

1993: Township Rollers
(Township Rollers 4, GU 1)

1994: Township Rollers
Township Rollers, 2 Gunners 0

1995: Notwane
(Notwane 3, BDF XI 1)

1996: Township Rollers
(Township Rollers 2, BMC 0)

1997: Notwane
(Notwane 2, Mokgosi 0)

1998: BDF XI
(BDF XI 1, Jwaneng
Comets 0)

1999: Mogoditshane Fighters
(Mogoditshane Fighters 3,
FC Satmos 0)

2000: Mogoditshane Fighters

2001: Tasc
Tasc 2, Gunners 0

2002: Tafic
(Tafic beat Tasc on penalties)

2003: Mogoditshane Fighters
Mogoditshane Fighters 1, Township Rollers 0)

2004: BDF XI
(BDF 2, Fighters 0)

2005: Township Rollers
(Township Rollers 3,

2006: Notwane
(Notwane 2, BDF XI 1)

2007: BMC
(BMC 5 ECCO City 4,
after penalties)

2008: Mochudi Centre Chiefs
(Mochudi Centre Chiefs 5, Uniao Flamengo Santos 2



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