Monday, February 26, 2024

Cocktail Masters: The professional mixologists

Everyone aspires to be true to themselves, to do what they love; to be free and unique. Some people hold on to their dreams and work hard to achieve them, but others end up giving up and taking whatever life throws at them. True to the saying that ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ a group of young men sought to improve their lives when they suddenly found themselves unemployed following the closure of a restaurant called Primi Piatti. They then formed a club called Cocktail Masters, through which they aspired to continue pursuing their passion and earning a living.

They started mixing cocktails for private clients during corporate and private functions. They became self employed professional mixologists. Cocktail mixing is a skill acquired through training, practice, passion, creativity and patience. Just like cooking, it’s an art form in its own right. One of the mixologists, Kesaobaka Molwelwa explained that mixing is a delicate balancing act that requires one to find the perfect taste, presentation and garnish content levels.

As a mixologist, Molwelwa said one has to come up with cocktail menus that delight and satisfy the clientele’s expectations. During an outing or event, Molwelwa and his team put together a wide variety of ingredients to fashion beverages of any kind and specified flavuor. The most common cocktails around town are made through white spirits (vodka, gin, rum, syrups and juices or drinks). One of the most popular drinks that Molwelwa often crafts is long island, a mixture of vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sea, lime juice syrup which are then poured in shaker. The mixologist then fills up a serving glass with ice tea, adds coke half way in the glass, puts ice inside the shaker and then thoroughly shakes the mix. The contents are then strained and floated on top of the coke; with a light garnish of lime.

“For one to be a good mixologist they need recipes, ingredients, glassware and suitable equipment,” said Molwelwa.

Cocktail Masters also serve non-alcoholic drinks to those that do not indulge in alcohol. There is similarly a wide range of non-alcoholic mixes such as virgin cocktails/mock tails. For instance, one can have a rock shandy and even virgin mojitos. 

“I mostly like to engage my clientele to establish their preferred taste before recommending a particular cocktail,” said Molwelwa.

Before an event, Cocktail Masters also have to plan their serving menu based on the venue, guest list and setup.

“The food menu is also very important and must be sorted well in advance; together with the music. It’s our responsibility to ensure that the checklist is followed to the letter for the event to be successful,” said Molwelwa. 

He also said mixologists are also entertainers who perform tricks like spinning bottles and flaming while serving clients.

 “We pride ourselves in our impactful presence. We give clients a chance to party with sophistication,” noted Molwelwa. 

Cocktail Masters’ services can be accessed by anyone since they are tailor made to the needs and budget of the client. To be a professional mixologist one can train on the job. For bookings contact Cocktail Masters at [email protected] , 72648359 and Facebook at Cocktail Masters. 


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