Friday, June 21, 2024

Cocktails everyone should know

Cocktails have become a lifestyle among a lot of women and men who are confident with their sexuality all over the world.

Nothing beats tossing a few sundowners, either with friends or flying solo after a long hard day especially during these trying Botswana summer months.

They are no rules when making cocktails, liquids of different tastes, colours smells and densities to get the preferred taste of an individual. A cocktail is achieved mixing different measures of ingredients such as juice, fruit, cream, soft drinks and or alcoholic beverages of any kind. Furthermore, there can be prepared in many different ways using a shaker, directly in the glass, using distinct components and serving them in varied temperatures.

There is a vast variety of cocktails that grace the menus of upmarket eateries across the world, there is the basic screw driver (orange juice and vodka) and the more complicated concoction, the Long Island ice Tea (vodka, tequila, rum, gin, Cointreau, and sweet and sour mix with just a dash of coke).

There many types of cocktails that have been categorised as being;

Cobblers: Very refreshing cocktail, directly prepared in the glass, without a shake and with crushed ice. This low alcohol content drink is accompanied by chopped fruit and served with a straw or a spoon.

Collins: The perfect cocktail for summer. They are served with lots of ice, sugar, lemon and soda, they are very refreshing. Collins cocktails are made with hard liquor, lemon juice, soda and sugar. Sometimes the schnapps is substituted by vodka, gin, whiskey, rum or tequila.

Coolers: Long and quite pleasant sips cocktail, with low alcohol content, that uses ice cubes instead of crushed ice. Moreover, they tend to be decorated by an spirally chopped orange or lemon peel.

Crustas: Cocktails served in a cup with a sweetened glass, prepared in shakes. The most common example is the Margarita.
Cups: Cocktails prepared with white wine, siders and liquors. They are served with chopped fresh fruit -stored in the freezer for two or three hours- and in big containers, even if they are drunk in small cups.

Egg nogs: Cocktails where the spirit or fermented drink is the basis, accompanied by milk, eggs and nutmeg in the preparation process. It can be served cold or warm.

Fizzes: Sparkling cocktails, with long sips, prepared with lemon juice, sugar and egg white, in combination with gin or any other spirit drink, supplemented with soda.

Flips: Creamy cocktails made with rum, sherry, marsala, sugar and egg yolk. They are usually served warm and accompanied by cinnamon and nutmeg.

Frozen: Half-frozen or ice-cocktails where the beverage has been mixed with a plentiful piece of crushed ice.

Grogs: Warm drink made with hot sugary water, mixed with liquor -usually rum but also with kirsch and cognac- that usually carries aromatizers like lemon.

Juleps: Refreshing drinks recognizable by the mint aroma mixed in the preparation with Kentucky Bourbon, sugar, and thick crushed ice. Juleps are also prepared with scotch, rum and even brandy.

Pousse-caf├®: Directly prepared in the glass, after pouring the heavier liquids -normally sweeter and thicker- and taking care not to mix them.

Sangría: A wine punch, made with red wine, sugar, chopped fresh fruit -normally pineapple, pears, apples and peaches- and sparkling water

Sours: Cocktails made with lots of lemon and sugar mixed with bourbon or any other whiskey.
So next time you are sitting next to a bunch of girls ordering a Slippery Nipple or Sex on The Beach, it’s nothing dirty just people trying to get their thirst quenched.


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