Monday, August 15, 2022

Collectors, collectors’ items now just part of history

It’s almost impossible to keep up with technology but those who are trying their outmost to do so are probably bringing to an end an era of collecting and holding on to valuables.

The collection of items such as stamps, records, post cards or old currencies seems to be gone now.
Times have changed.

It’s no longer common to see people collecting such items anymore; everything seems to be meant for the moment.

We have become free spending people, influenced by “western” media. Our women these days are perhaps too influenced by fashion. They seem to endlessly collect shoes, jewellery or hand bags.

The problem, though, is that after sometime these superficial items lose value and disappear and are forgotten, whereas a true collector prices his items.

The only thing men seem to collect is maybe football T-shirts and, as much as we love our music, very few have stacks of discs lying around. Instead, we take the digital approach and download to our MP3 players and cellphones.

Admittedly, consumerism is very pervasive in our society and today’s culture of purchase is affected by the “throw-away” products available.

It is not possible to collect anything because in a few days or weeks, a newer and better item comes up on the market.

The need to spend vast amounts on goods and services has made it difficult to appreciate what we have already. All we want to do is spend, it’s a vicious cycle; one that is easy to get caught up in.

We are never satisfied with what we have as we rush for the latest model of this item or that.
Gorata Mphusetsang, a student at a tertiary college, says he didn’t feel there was a need to put a value on collections as things are changing so quickly.

“I m not a collector; media has everything we need. Music is out there. How long will you keep collecting? You collect comic books but tomorrow they are digital,” he said.

He further highlighted the manufacturers and the media’s pivotal role in consumerism.

“We have become less attached to our items. You have an Ipad, tomorrow you want an Ipad 2. You don’t have time to appreciate anything as compared to back in the old days when you cherished your vinyl LP or tape to listen to your favourite artist. Now I just download,” he added.


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