Saturday, February 27, 2021

Come October, BDP won’t know what hit it

I posted the above statement on my Facebook status update and I got mixed responses from my Facebook friends. As I had expected, my BDP Facebook friends came out with guns blazing in their response. They said I am a prophet of doom, hell bent on discrediting their beloved party at any given opportunity. They say all is well in their party. They say I read too much into what is currently happening in the BDP. In fact some of them have used expletives to describe the alarmist that they deem me to be. My response was short.

I implored them to engage me on the same issue after the general elections, which are expected to be held in October. Well, that is if the BDP president doesn’t use any of the powers bestowed on him by our country’s constitution to deny Batswana to go to the polls in October. I mean, with Khama as State President, one cannot say with certainty that the general elections will indeed be held in October as expected. They may not want to hear it but the truth is, BDP is in trouble. BDP members are clearly in denial but the reality is, their party is going through hell. Just as I was sitting down to write this piece, my cellphone alerted me to an incoming message. The message is from a BDP activist in Maun and he is alerting me of the resignation of BDP’s sitting councilor for Boseja East ward in Maun, Honorable Baphotholodi Kgari.

He resigned from the BDP today, Monday. When I sat down to write this article, my thoughts were mostly on the three sitting members of parliament that the BDP has lost in the past three days. MP Pono Moatlhodi also tendered his resignation from the party today, Monday. He follows in the footsteps of MP Moeng Pheto who has also resigned from the party. The BDP is said to have withdrawn the candidacy of MP Robert Masitara from Bonnington North in Gaborone. Reports indicate that more BDP MPs will be resigning from the party in the near future, before the general elections. Rumour has it MPs such as Rayner Makosha, Frank Ramsden and Mmoloki Raletobana are contemplating dumping the BDP in light of their primary election protests not being heeded by their party.

As for BDP councilors who have since resigned and elected to go solo, the numbers are unprecedented. Moeng Pheto has already taken along with him nine councilors from the BDP fold in his constituency. No doubt, Moatlhodi has a large following in his constituency and I cringe to hear BDP members down playing his resignation from the party. I can only hope Thapelo Olopeng is not as disillusioned. It is without doubt, unless you’re a denialist, that Moatlhodi’s resignation will severely affect Olopeng’s performance in the upcoming general elections. Wherever and however Moatlhodi chooses to enter the election race, he is definitely going to cause a major upset in the BDP’s performance. I repeat, BDP is in deep dung.

The mess is humungous. For the first time in the history of BDP’s primary elections, many sitting MP’s have lost the nod to represent the party at the general elections. More alarming is the number of cabinet ministers who have lost in the primary elections. Indeed Khama is a man of firsts. He will go down history as the first BDP president to have a breakaway party from the BDP after the formation of BMD which is a BDP splinter party. He has made history as the first BDP president to have so many of his cabinet ministers rejected by the BDP electorates. So far we know Ministers Lebonaamang Mokalake, Phandu Skelemani, John Seakgosing, Oreeditse Molebatsi, Gloria Somolekae, Ndelu Seretse, Olebile Gaborone and Peter Siele have all been rejected. I may have left out some of them because having already mentioned eight makes it to almost the entire cabinet.

I don’t know what Khama feels about all this but the one thing we can deduce from it all is that BDP members are indirectly showing no confidence in Khama’s leadership. Cabinet ministers serve as the engine of the president and for people to show display such vote of no confidence on the president’s men and women speaks volumes on how they view his leadership. The situation is not helped by Khama’s appetite to pick wars with everyone who holds a divergent view to his. Khama is fighting the public workforce. Khama is fighting the army generals.

Khama is fighting the judiciary and the legislature. Khama wants to be at the centre of everything in the country. Khama is even now creating a wedge between his country and SADC and has gone to the extent of pulling out the middle finger on SADC as he has declared he will not cooperate with SADC in their endeavor to observe elections in the region. With so many disgruntled people within and outside the BDP, I put it to you, in Barry Roux voice, that the BDP will not know what hit in October as people will surely ensure it gets punished at the polls.

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