Saturday, September 26, 2020

Come on Nnananyana, no need to act like a nnananyana!

At times they just push for unnecessary confrontations.

Honestly, I do not enjoy being remonstrative with these grownups. I am getting tired of always having to remind grey-haired folks to act in ways that vindicate the maxim ‘wisdom comes with age’. I know that along the way, as I try to knock some sense into the heads of people who head this country, I’m attracting an avalanche of enemies; enemies of the truth. I always write the truth to the best of my knowledge and as such, attracting enemies is the least of my worries.

Oh, did I say I’m getting tired? And you probably think I’m on the verge of throwing in the towel? Lo and behold, I’m nowhere near cessation of my interventions. I will continue to implore and even prod our leaders to keep to the straight and narrow.

The only time I will stop writing about our leaders is when they eventually vacate the government enclave and retire to their farms and home villages. As citizens, voters and taxpayers, we cannot just fold our arms and observe quietude as our servants (yes they are) arrogantly convert themselves into masters and in some instances mini Gods.

Ok, let me now express my disappointment at the attitude displayed by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Margaret Nnananyana Nasha towards the Botswana Movement for Democracy MPs when Parliament resumed last week.

This is the one lady I have always admired, respected and held in high regard not for her beautiful looks but for her independent mindedness. She has always had me believe she is a rationalist. She has for a long time tricked me into thinking her political allegiance to the BDP would never cloud her decisions nor impair her principles when it came to parliamentary business.

This is why I had no qualms with her ascendance to the post of Speaker of the National Assembly. The Nasha I had in mind was the one who would treat all Members of Parliament equally, across the political divide. Even as I knew Nasha belonged to the ruling BDP, I never even for once, thought she would at some point in her line of duty, apply BDP tricks to the detriment of opposition members.

I had all reasons to celebrate Nasha’s appointment as Speaker of the National Assembly. Here was a lady making it in history as the first ever Madam Speaker in Botswana. An intelligent woman. Her middle name, Nnananyana, is the vernacular for ‘infant’ or ‘little baby’. It is disheartening how Nnananyana Nasha wants to carry herself like a real nnananyana (little baby) even when adorned with that white wig which makes her appear even older than she already is in real life.

For as long as she continues to be stroppy and shrewish, the respect that some of us had reserved for the revered Nnananyana will fizzle out. Dr Nasha should not prove my views on her credibility wrong.

I still don’t understand what pain Dr Nasha would have endured if she had recognized the BMD MP’s. For all we know, Nasha’s party, the BDP, refuses to accept, let alone acknowledge the existence of the Botswana Movement for Democracy.

Is she trying to remind us she’s BDP? When will people appreciate the fact that whether Ntuane likes it or Nasha hates it, the BMD is already upon us. Why don’t we just try to learn to live with its existence? Why don’t we realize that even as Kaboeamodimo tries so hard to hide the BMD away from Batswana, it continues to make inroads into our political landscape? Even as President Khama traverses the length and breadth of the country dismissing its founders as power mongers, the BMD continues to prove its relevance.

I say all these not because I have a soft spot for the BMD and its founders but only because I revel at telling the truth. I find it hard to detach myself from reality and believe me, if the formation of BMD was unjustifiable, you would have first heard it from me. So, the BDP, including its lieutenants such as Mma Nasha and the Pinocchio brothers must accept that the BMD is here.
I’m not really familiar with Parliamentary processes and procedures but I condemn Mma Nasha for her omission of common sense in handling the BMD’s arrival in parliament. I am told Mma Nasha wields the Parliament Standing Order as her shield towards accusations of her inhospitable reception towards BMD MP’s. I still maintain this issue did not warrant any visit to the Standing Orders or any legislation whatsoever.

It just needed a level-headed Speaker of the National Assembly who could have appreciated the importance attached to such a gesture of recognition even when announced benevolently without the dictates of the Standing Orders. I had envisaged Mma Nasha to come across as a mother figure and embrace all MP’s in the National Assembly and not apply rigid rules. Nasha’s attitude may just be an indicator of things to come as we continue with the tradition of picking Speakers who have a duty to appease their political parties.

Still at Parliament, I wish to address Members of Parliament who seem to have divided loyalty between the BDP and BMD. I have not the slightest inclination to ruffle any feathers but honestly I do not understand why, after having so much ample time to consult their constituents and make known their political stand during Parliament recess, some MP’s still have us guessing their next move. At this juncture, I have no reason to doubt all MP’s are well acquainted with what the BMD stands for.

The suspense and speculation has to come to an end. We are tired of de-waxing our ears in anticipation of new defections that never happen. Those MP’s who harbor intentions of joining the BMD should bear in mind that by dragging their feet, they are giving room to discontent in their constituencies. I’m saying this because the truth is no one of the MP’s is indispensable.

Many people are getting ready to represent the BMD in constituencies whose MP’s have remained at the BDP. Imagine if I were to ready myself to represent the BMD in, for example, Maun and on the eve of elections Ramsden announces his defection from BDP to BMD and expects me to yield for his candidacy. It would cause disgruntlement.

As much as I agree politics is a game of numbers, I don’t think BMD leadership should be expected to go on their knees to cause fellow MP’s to defect with them.

The BMD leadership should instead, spend their energy and resources on selling the party to the electorates. For now, the BMD needs more voters across the country more than it does these MP’s who seem glued to the BDP. My advice to BMD is to leave the MPs and instead go to these MPs constituencies and preach the party’s relevance to our politics.

After all the party needs the people to vote it into power more than it needs people to represent it in parliament. Representatives are in abundance country wide. It is easy to convince someone to represent the party more than it is to convince someone to vote for it. So MP’s ought to know that their continued reluctance to shift political gear carries with it possibilities of blocking their opportunities to stand in the next general elections should they decide to defect later rather than now as other people are already aspiring to represent the BMD and positioning themselves for 2014.
So it is only better to defect now or remain in the BDP and conform to its leadership style.

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