Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Comedy finds residence at Caf├® Khwest

After a short stint at the Sportsman Bar last year, the Laff a Lil, Laff a Lot comedy club has found a new home at Caf├® Khwest, after Bafana ‘Ribcracker’ Letsatsi, Modiri Keseabetswe, and their guest comic, Master ‘the Man’ Manake, opened the monthly stand up comedy sessions last Wednesday.

The comedians performed to a predominantly male crowd that was receptive to their material, while Khwest’s other regular punters chose to hurdle and chat only paying attention at intervals.

Isaac Kealotswe, of Caf├® Khwest, justified the reception as a reasonably good start at the restaurant for the comedians.

“With just two of the comedians, a monthly show is reasonable because it should give them time to turn over new material for each time they showcase,” he said. “Nothing would be worse than regulars, hearing the same material every week or every fortnight.”
He also added that most of all he expects the comics who were mentored by South African stand up comedian, Kedibone Mulaudzi, to deliver laughs.

He confirmed that indeed the restaurant that is a fortnightly hub for the Exodus Poetry collective, will also be hosting the Laff a Lil comedians every last Wednesday of the month.

Meanwhile, both Mod and Ribcracker, founders of Laff a lil Laff a lot Comedy Club, were excited about their new venue, which is the home for Exodus Poetry, which the comedy club has partnered with on dates at Maitisong. The two clubs also share a date on the upcoming Maitisong Festival.

The venue could potentially build up a following similar to how Exodus gained popularity in its early days, becoming a place where young poets sharpen their talent.

Mod and Ribcracker were optimistic.
“Performing here will allow us to also shoot excerpts for the Laff a lil, Laff a lot comedy club’s upcoming DVD,” they said.


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