Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Comma has put a full stop to my suspicions

The Botswana Democratic Party Executive Secretary, Dr Comma Serema, is an honest man. Even though his job entails derailing and feeding the public with lies, so often the good man shames the devil and tells the truth. I can never thank him enough for finally laying to rest, my suspicions on the composition of President Khama’s entourage on his official trips. Comma has confirmed my suspicions. I have always had the suspicion President Ian Khama’s State trips are used to appease and entice some people in the BDP. Who could have ever been the right person to confirm my suspicions than the man who is privy to the goings on in the BDP, Dr Comma Serema.

The Echo newspaper reports Dr Serema as having confirmed that the BDP caucus recently agreed that party President Ian Khama should equally travel with members of the two factions in the party. The truthful Serema is quoted as having said, “We have agreed that the President should go with members who were aligned to the Barata-Phathi faction in his trips and that they should be involved in party activities like the A-Team members. BDP is now reaping the fruits of the caucus resolution and members have promised us that they are not going to defect.”

For a moment I thought I was dreaming. I just couldn’t believe the BDP still has people who are not shy from telling the truth. Honestly, it takes an honest man to divulge such information. You need to be either principled or very drunk to be that truthful. You must be steel-balled to reveal such a secret, even though it’s an open secret. The Echo newspaper reporter, Tsaone Basimanebotlhe must have charmed Dr Serema so much so as to extract such truthful information from him. So like I said, it could have been this charm or too much alcohol that led to the Doctor spilling the beans. But again, it could just be Serema is principled and finds it hard to lie. Whatever reason might have led to Serema letting loose, we remain thankful for the confirmation to our suspicions.

Nowadays the President tags along members of the Barata-Phathi faction whenever he travels outside the country. The whole aim is to make them feel important and foolishly believe they are part of the system. The whole intention is to indirectly ‘buy’ them with money through per diem that they claim prior to these trips. Because to a lot of them it is these little incentives that mean a lot, jetting off to a foreign country and lodging in a five star accommodation facility is enough to hold them back against their conscience and principle. Whereas the president is at liberty to include personal friends in his trips, Barata-Phathi are just too happy even when they are not allowed to bring their spouses along.

It is so disheartening to be told that our money is being used to settle BDP factions. It is so disgusting to learn that the assembling of the President’s entourage is not informed by the value that could be derived from the inclusion of some people. How arrogant of the BDP to unashamedly boast through their Executive Secretary that they are using the Taxpayers’ money to appease their disgruntled members. How shameful of those people who are still in the BDP not because they believe it espouses any democratic values but only because it can manipulate the dictates of corporate governance and fly them out of the country through State and not BDP coffers.

For their information, I have sought a meeting with the President and I shall be telling him what his bootlickers say behind his back. I’m tired of receiving calls from BDP MP’s who are supportive of the fact that I never shy away from criticizing the President yet they, on the other hand, nod in agreement to everything he says and does. You know yourselves (lo a ikitse), I’m going to tell the President that you always call and encourage me to discredit him but when you are with him it’s all smiles. I’m going to ask the President, who is a better ‘enemy’ between Sonny who publicly criticizes the President and those sycophants who backbite him in private and fake allegiance in public. You see, I have no qualms with people who remain in the BDP for the sole reason that they are truly convinced there’s still no alternative. However, I don’t have any polite words for those that remain in the BDP for personal enrichment and expect some of us to be at the front line of the battlefield.

I have noticed that Dr Serema has since published a press statement in which he wants to dissociate himself from what he told the Echo reporter and which to me is just non sequitur. I always say at times it is only wise to keep quiet because Serema’s rebuttal has only managed to buttress the truth attached to what he is alleged to have said. I’m very interested to know the place where Serema uttered those words because it can only be in the comfort of a bedroom or a pub that anyone can embarrass their employer the way Serema did the BDP, if ever he said what he is alleged to have said. For some reason I find it hard to believe Serema when he disputes the allegations leveled against him. The fact of the matter is, what Dr Serema is alleged to have said is exactly what is happening. It is the truth that President Khama’s entourage is assembled in a way that seeks to appease BDP members who do not necessarily have to add any meaningful value to these official trips. And by the way, to emulate Serema and be truthful, the man doesn’t strike me as intelligent and I hope he won’t take offence to it because this is just how I rate him in my assessment. By virtue of being a PhD holder, it implies Dr Comma Serema is very much educated than me but going through his work I lose interest in my aspirations to acquire a PhD. He gives PhD holders a bad name. I read Dr Serema’s Press release and trust me if breaking the English language was a crime, he would be in jail by now. I bet Honourable Mazabathi would do a better job than Serema at Tsholetsa House.

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