Sunday, September 27, 2020

Communities play an active role in natural resource management

The Community-Based Natural Resource Management recently hosted a conference meant to explore the future of CBNRM and harness its operations to conform to present day challenges.

The workshop was meant to improve CBRNM operations and determine the way forward, and also educate the public about CBRNM operations.

The Chief Executive Officer of Kalahari Conservation Society, Felix Monggae, said it is important for CBNRM to reach out to the people and educate them about its mandate and responsibilities.

“Communal natural resources belong to the whole community and not a single individual. Therefore it is up to CBNRM to deal with those who use natural resources for personal gain,” said Monggae.

Minister of Wildlife Environment and Tourism, Kitso Mokaila, also encouraged CBNRM to use its funds prudently and promote conservation, capacity building and poverty alleviation.

“CBNRM should ensure sustainability in our environment and capacitate communities. In that way you will also be assisting the government,” he said.
He also encouraged the private sector to play a role in assisting communities by, for example, displaying their crafts at lodges.

“The community needs support from all other stakeholders. There should be joint venture partnerships between the private sector and the community to promote local tourism,” said Mokaila.

For his part Botswana National Youth Council District Coordinator, Emmanuel Galeboe, advocated for youth empowerment, saying that the youth are the most readily available national resource.

“We have educated youth idling in communities. We should therefore strive to empower them so that they make a meaningful contribution to society,” said Galeboe.

Also present was Joe Matome who took over from the late Louis Nchindo, as chairperson of Kalahari Conservation Society. Matome encouraged society to work hard to preserve the environment.


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