Monday, May 17, 2021

Community Fitness Park a hit amongst Block 7 Residents

Located along the western by pass, the Block 7 community fitness park is a spectacle you cannot miss. The park plays host to plus sized men and women clad in sportswear, working out. The park, which was the brainchild of one Leatile Sithole, has proved to be a hit for Block 7 residents.

The purpose of the park is to promote healthy living through fitness activities which promote health and wellness.

“I noticed that many people exercise along the western bypass so I found the area suitable to have a fitness park.” The park has proved to be a hit amongst health and fitness enthusiasts who utilise the facilities to their benefit. “My medical doctor advised me to start exercising because I have high blood pressure,” says Phenyo Maswabi. “Since I can’t afford to subscribe at a fancy gym, I find the park very convenient because it’s not far from where I live.”

According to Sithole, the whole idea of having a community fitness park was to cater for both the young and old. “As you may be aware, substance abuse has been increasing rapidly amongst Gaborone residents, so the other reason for building this park was to offer an alternative form of recreation, especially amongst the youth who have very limited options when it comes to recreation.”

The park which was funded by amongst others, the National Development Bank (NDB) also received funding from the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture (MYSC) to the tune of P110 000.

The official opening of the fitness park, which was supposed to be officially launched this weekend, has been postponed until further notice as the sponsors agreed to do some further developments before the launch. Sithole added that he has identified several other areas around the city, where he intends to construct other fitness parks.


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