Sunday, December 3, 2023

Company adopts whistle blower protection policy

Prevailing Securities (PS) Finance Director, Charity Baaitse, has said the company adopted a whistleblower protection policy, when security oriented research indicated tips continued to be the most effective means of detecting fraud. According to Baaitse PS WhistleBlower Management offering has become an important element of effective fraud prevention and mitigation strategies.

Speaking to The Telegraph in Gaborone, Baaitse said WhistleBlower Management clearly demonstrates the organization’s commitment to good corporate governance and comprehensive fraud and corruption risk management.

“PS is dedicated to delivering an excellent service at the most competitive price as wholly citizen-owned, with about 8 years experience in fighting against crime, since inception in 2005.,” said Baaitse. “We also offer Fraud Risk Management (FRM) where we work with our clients to identify where the organization suffers risk with an assessment of the likelihood that those risks will show an estimate of their impact. We develop measures to minimize the risks and our FRM service aims to reduce the likelihood of loss through fraud.”

She added: “We can help clientele management to evaluate suspicions, investigate them vigorously, improve recoveries and provide evidence that will allow the making of appropriate decisions. These can be used in future proceedings, through fraud and financial investigations.”

She said to build a formidable security platform, the team of professionals is drawn from former members of security forces who have over 10 years of experience in the fight against crime.

In its land-based high-risk valuable cargo, including precious minerals and cash, the fully Armoured Shell Mounted Monocoque vehicle with newly developed fiberglass trimmings, is the highest in Botswana. Because of the high protection levels, higher value commodities from Reserve Banks can be transported in it.

“Due to the high volume and value of money transported for the Bank of Botswana (BoB) this Monocoque would be ideal for what is called secure-to-secure runs, such as from the airport to BoB. The fact that PS can now offer local commercial banks Mobile Banking is a huge benefit to the clientele to clientele in rural areas to utilize their banking services.

“PS’ airborne assets-in-transit offers an overt and covert protection service for high-risk valuable goods at static locations or in transit either locally or abroad. We provide detailed survey reports, security planning and implementation, low profile transit and guarding option, plus ongoing location and customer update through Gateway GPS Vault Protection,” says Baaitse.

Apart from being the BoB bulk and cash-in-transit carrier, PS’ other critical applications include mobile banking, the Mining Industry bullion carrier, vehicle tracking, digital surveillance, security training and fire and smoke detection systems.

The Company has employed business graduates, a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist committed to quality assurance ISO 9001 specification.

PS also works hand-in-hand with regional security powerhouses such as South Africa for delivering delivery best practices. The Company also intends to increase its regional countries’ footprint by opening up branches in Namibia and Zambia.

Due to the multisectoral security packages, PS clients include Department of Broadcasting, Gaborone City Council, Botswana Power Corporation, Botswana Housing Corporation, University of Botswana, High Range and Golden Fruits. The Company has also successfully completed contracts for the Nyangabwe Referral Hospital, Car World, Sistec, Francistown City, South East District, Selibe Phikwe Town and Lobatse Town Councils.


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