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Competition: Wine and weddings

A wedding without wine is like a day without sunshine, whether it is a cozy gathering of 50 people or a celebratory extravaganza of more than 600 guests.
Wine is the most economic and versatile drink for entertaining.

There is a wide range of sparkling wines for wedding toasts, catering for different tastes. You may select a range of dry, sweet wines.
A safe ratio would be about 50% sparkling wines and 30% semi sweet white wines.

Dry wines contain very little sugar. Riesling, sauvignon Blanc or blanc wines are semi sweet or off dry.

How much wine?
Being a special occasion, it is nice to serve bottled wines. However, if your budget is tight, boxed wines are more economical. In all boxed wines, you can choose between natural sweet wine or dry wines.

All boxed red wines consist of blends of different grape varieties. Sparkling and rose wines are also available in bottles.

You can work on the following quantities: 750ml bottle will provide about 20 glasses and a 5 liter box will provide about 40 glasses.

Punch with a punch
Another way of stretching your budget is to make a large bowl of fruit punch, following the standard recipe.
For 25 guests you would need a 750ml bottle of white wine, a bottle of sparkling wine, two liters of fruit juice (any flavor) and lots of chopped fruit.

Say Cheese
Another way of stretching the budget is to hold a cheese and wine party. This is usually in the form of a self-service buffet, allowing guests to mingle more easily. In addition to the wide selection of wines and cheeses, include a variety of fresh and dried fruit, chips, nuts, biscuits, rolls and bread.

Sparkling Wine Brunch
An early morning marriage ceremony calls for a sparkling wine brunch. The sparkling wine must be well chilled and can be mixed with fruit by its own. The advantage is that you don’t have to serve any beverages. Traditional brunch dishes include savoury tarts, pancakes, pizzas, cold meats, light salads and lots of fresh fruit.

How to serve
White, sparkling and rose wines should be served cold, but red wines don’t need chilling beforehand. Normal wine glasses can be used for serving white, rose and red wines. Sparkling Wine is best served in a narrow fluteÔÇôshaped glass.

In a Restaurant
The advantage of holding your reception at a restaurant, hotel or any licensed premises, is that waiters, and glass and fridge facilities are usually provided. Also, you don’t need to wash up afterwards. Consult the catering manager about the selection of wines and on a budget limit.

The experts
Latty and Sons catering company hires different ceremony items of all kinds of weddings, parties and corporate events.

They hire tents, chairs, round tables, draping table covers, cutlery, umbrellas gazebos, etc.
They also do wedding cakes and invitation cards.

Are you getting married during the month for September? Latty and Sons Catering is giving away 2 vouchers (for two weddings) to do the d├®cor and set up on the tables and chairs, in the colour of your choice.
Latty and Sons Catering can be contacted on 3165826 or 71674372.

The Competition
To enter the competition please send the answers to the following questions to: [email protected].
Question: What does Latty and Son do? Tell us why your wedding is special.
Please do not forget to include your full name and phone numbers. The closing date is Thursday 2 September, 2009.

These are the winners of the Dark and Lovely Body Lotion Competition:

Maposa Shaida
Kefhilwe Maribe
Shiellah Johannah Moribame
Malebogo Makgalemele


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