Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Comrade Moore’s antitheses on the BCP’s ideological orientation are shameful.

In his article “BCP-full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” comrade Moore exudes fury that obscures his analysis, rendering his views naught and the reverse sarcasm of his antithesis staring him in the eye.

Comrade Michael Dingake has covered most of the issues relating to ideology of the two parties, other comrades have competently demonstrated the undisputable facts about the BCP’s phenomenal growth (only those in denial syndrome can refute such facts) and I will therefore confine myself to Moore’s political goof.

He accuses BCP of temporarily delaying BNF’s ascendance to power in 1999. This he does despite his party’s known suicidal tendencies, which have become its trademark. After 1999, BNF bore NDF, the party withdrew from cooperation negotiations, killed passion of its cadres among them Moore himself and expelled Mogalakwe Mogalakwe; all these without a tint of the resultant voter apathy, despondency, frustration and dejection of its members and voters in general, who wish to see a change of government.
To shift blame of their misdemeanors to BCP is preposterous. Moore should know better.
His claim that the BNF is a “progressive political movement” is misrepresentation of facts as this party has proved to be regressive.
It espouses stale and moribund political beliefs and ideas.

Moore says, “A progressive party does not ‘facilitate markets’ and ‘encourage commercial banks’; it takes them over in the interest of the working class and genuine economic independence”.

One shudders to imagine the kind of government that would be. One can only imagine that if that happens, then only the dead and prisoners will enjoy their freedom as Oliphant Mfa would put it.
Moore declares that his party has strong socialist inclinations. That is a mild way of saying they are Marxists hiding under the cloak of a front to parcel other unsuspecting interests to help catapult themselves into power.
Claiming to champion the causes of the poor, workers and small business is just populists’ front, a propaganda that can be said by novice leaders; ruling will prove that governance requires some balancing act.

This is why most leftist parties tend to gravitate to the right and vice versa when they are in government. Government has no business doing business but to create conducive environment for business. One wonders what will be spared in their nationalization craze.
It is interesting to note glaring contradictions in the purported BNF ideology; pledging to care about the small businesses and being anti big businesses or the so called capitalist.

BNF has failed to rally the anti-BDP forces in this country and wage an effective onslaught against the enemy; it appears averse to ruling. BNF’s pretensions to be an epitome of unity have always eluded it. It remains a mirage of hope, a pie in the sky.
BCP’s policies are not predicated on some prescribed dogma more than the objective conditions on the ground. It was formed to circumvent the political hurdle that had become BNF, modernize and take power.


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