Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Concern over non-citizens operating businesses reserved for Batswana

The Minister of Trade and Industry, faced with an avalanche of complaints over non-citizens operating businesses reserved for Batswana, will soon disclose her findings over the saga.

Allaying fears in parliament on Thursday, Dorcus-Makgato-Malesu indicated she was aware of non-citizens operating businesses designed for citizens, adding that she had instigated investigations and is currently considering the findings and recommendations.

“I am aware that non-citizens are operating businesses otherwise reserved for citizens. In January 2011, my ministry undertook a survey to determine the number of reserved businesses in the hands of non-citizens,” Makgato-Malesu revealed, adding “the aim of the study was to assess the economic contribution of such businesses already in operation before a final decision could be made on how to treat these businesses.”

The results of the study together with the recommendations are on the minister’s table, submitted to her office June 2011.

“My ministry is currently considering the findings and recommendations of the study and will in due course make a decision on the issue,” she concluded.

Concerned about the magnitude at which the businesses designed exclusively for Batswana were currently in the hands of the non-residents, Serowe North east MP Ramadeluka Seretse had asked the minister for an explanation.


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