Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Contentious Audit report a defining issue at BFA AGM

Botswana Football Association (BFA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mfolo Mfolo says the association is going for the Extraordinary Annual General Assembly to discuss the contentious 2017 Audit report. For the past two years BFA leadership has failed to provide financial statements to its structures and the associations financial outlook has been dire with some activities failing to take place due to lack of money.

“The Extra Ordinary Annual General will be held in Gaborone on 27th October to discuss the 2017 Audit report as per the adoption of the last Annual General Assembly held on 11 August,” Mfolo explained.

The BFA authorities across all structures of the association are expected to have a key interest on who the money was used and the interest is expected to be high.

The financial report comes on the back drop of some serious accusations against misappropriation of funds by the BFA staff. The BFA suffered a huge loss amounting to over P600 000 allegedly stolen by its former staff members. The delegates are expected to seek clarity and demand answers on how the criminal activity took place when the leadership could have long detected it. The BFA boss was happy that the issue of embezzlement of funds has been dealt with it and it is before the courts of law.

Mfolo said the BFA did not do forensic audit of its books of account because there was nothing that necessitated for it to be done.

The other issue that the Assembly is seeking answers for is the DC Tours sponsorship that never was. The BFA president, Maclean Letshwiti launched the sponsorship which many believed was an appeasement move to divert the idea of a planned motion of no confidence against Letshwiti on his first AGA meeting. Asked to comment on the issue of DC Tours, Mfolo said, “The DC sponsorship is a closed matter that we have long explained to the media.” The P3 million DC Tours sponsorship that never took place was to sponsor BFA regional associations for the period of three years.

In the recent past the BFA second vice president, Pelotshweu Motlogelwa who is expected to table the financial report has been at loggerheads with some regions with regard to their financial standing.

The Kweneng region, first division North and some in Kgalagadi regions have criticized Motlogelwa for unfair treatment and seeking too much when he knew that keeping records without office will be difficult. It is said 95% of the regions have complied with set regulations of financial reporting.

The country’s sport governing body, Botswana National Sport Commission (BNSC) has faulted BFA for improper financial reporting and abuse of office. The BNSC cautioned the BFA for lack of proper accounting and poor governance when hiring staff. The BFA was accused of filing some posts without advertising.

The special assembly is billed for the 27 October in Gaborone.


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