Thursday, April 25, 2024

Contractors fail Sowa Town infrastructure development projects

Sowa town Mayor, George Maphane has expressed disappointment over contractors who are failing Sowa Town infrastructure development projects. He said the problem is seriously retarding the growth of the mining town.
 Addressing a full council meeting last week he said construction of Infrastructure in Block 3 SHHA and upgrading of storm water drainage in Sowa town by the engaged contractors has been a disappointment dating to as far as 2008.

“This project can only be described as disappointment of the decade. The project commenced in 2008 and was supposed to be completed in 2009 but the contractor failed. Another contractor was engaged in December 2016 with expectations that the project will be completed by now. During a briefing with a representative from the technical services department from the Ministry of Lands Management and Water Services in 21st of May 2018, he indicated the tender to engage the third contractor to complete the outstanding works was awarded,” he said.

Maphane said to his disappointment the technical officer further explained that the project could have commenced but it is still at halt as some bidders have appealed the award and the appeals are still being resolved. He said this has attributed to the delays in the allocation of SHHA plots to the disadvantage of the community of Sowa Town and Batswana in general.

“It also has a negative bearing on the growth of the town. We should be advocating for the next phase by now,” he added.

On a different note, the mayor further expressed worry over the rate at which Sowa District has embraced cattle identification system since its introduction as it was very slow. He pleaded with farmers and the community at large to tag their animals. He warned that failure to do so will pose a risk on them losing access to the European Union Beef Markets. He said they should tag their livestock and report to the veterinary office or do it online as the system allows.

“You are also encouraged to register your cattle holdings. This is also a requirement for the European Union market. These holdings include fenced kraals, farms, boreholes, feedlots or any other place where animals are kept and managed. This is to monitor cattle and ensure traceability for diseases control purposes,” he said.

Updating the council on poverty eradication and Ipelegeng programmes he said for the financial year 2018/2019, Sowa District has been allocated a total of P1 million. He revealed that the sum of P336 385,28 shall be used for modification of the existing 16m x 3 m porta cabin to accommodate five Poverty Eradication projects. He said the remaining balance will be used for training other projects. For Ipelegeng Programme he said during the 2018/2019 financial year a total of P627 918.29 was approved as Sowa Town Council Budget for implementation if Ipelegeng programme.

“A total of P376 750.97 has been released which is 60 percent of the approved funds. Due to inadequate funds, only one major project which is the maintenance of Kgotla shelter will be implemented this financial year. The employment quota of Sowa is 64 beneficiaries every month. For the months of April and May 2018, the district managed to meet the quota except for the month of June 2018 where only 61 are engaged. A total of P81 901 has been expended thus far,” Maphane said.

Touching on road levy projects, he said the district has funds amounting to P6 473 827.00 under road levy projects. He said these funds will be used to purchase a motor grader, repairing of a dozer and procurement of a water bowser and front end loader. He said tenders for the mentioned machines have been awarded except for procurement of front end loader which will close on the 6th of July 2018. He said this will improve service delivery for their community which has over the time been hindered by frequent break down of the current machines.


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