Friday, June 21, 2024

Controversy as artist pulls out of BOMU awards

One of the artists nominated for Dikhwaere category at the Botswana Music Union (BOMU) awards pulled out of the race amid complaints against his nomination.

The artist, Kangangwani Mogocha, known as Dr Vom, had to make a hasty last minute withdrawal on Thursday after BOMU failed to resolve the controversy over his nomination.

Meantime, BOMU has defended their move to┬ánominate Ditiro under Dikhwaere and further threatened to take stern measures against Dr Vom for tarnishing BOMU’s name.

“I felt that Ditiro’s album was not under Dikhwaere category,” said Mogocha in explaining his withdrawal. “They did not deny it but they told me there was no way they could help me because the nominations were already underway.”

He said BOMU president, Alfred Mosimanegape, promised he would call for a meeting to meet the judges. The meeting did not take place, the judges saying they could only meet after the awards.

“There is need to keep the dignity of these awards if we are to continue moving forward,” added Mogocha.

He said this was not the first time that BOMU had nominated an artist for the wroing genre.

On his part, Mosimanegape said it was the judges’ discretion to select categories for artists entering the awards.

“Usually we ask artists to indicate categories which they feel they fall under. The judges end up listing them in categories they feel are right for them. This move is meant to help upcoming musicians who would not be able to know what kind of category they fall under,” he said.

Mosimanegape confirmed that Dr Vome had raised a complaint with his office. “Even Dr Vom collaborated with Ditiro┬á(DT) in one of his Dikhwaere’s album. This shows that he saw potential in him.┬áThis aspect shows that Ditiro was also singing Dikhwaere. To say that Ditiro album was not Dikhwaere was Dr Vom’s┬áown opinion. He was not the judge and he cannot be a player and referee at the same time.”

He added, however, that he was not able to state for sure that Ditiro’s album falls under Dikhwaere.

What he did emphasise was that he would be unable to pass judgement on Ditiro’s album because he was not a judge. He wondered on what grounds Dr Vom would challenge the issue since he had pulled marred the image of the competition.

“We are not happy with this move to tarnish the image of the competition,” Mosimanegape said.

However, Catherine Dargie stated that she was advised by BOMU officials when she went to register that Ditiro’s┬áalbum would be listed under Dikhwaere. “It was not me who registered him under Dikhwaere but I was advised by the officials at the BOMU,” said Dargie.


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