Thursday, July 7, 2022

Cooking and Spirituality

Each one of us is very, very individual and so is the detail of our diet and spirituality.
What really intrigues me though is the link between the two: the spirit and food.

Often we find ourselves in situations where we have to cook and we find it is just us and that art studio called kitchen with the resources that it has at the time.

To be so creative as to find yourself having whipped a gorgeous meal out of it, you have to have some kind of spiritual involvement. How the end result turns out is highly dependent on the extent to which you are emotionally connected throughout the process. What you walk out of the kitchen carrying on the dinner plate is like a story you just told, an emotion you just expressed or even an artwork you just framed.

To pull out a recipe book and plan a meal implies that you have to make a shopping list and buy what you need to cook. In the event that your mother just happens to pass by one evening when you cannot afford to buy anything, what happens then?

I guess the answer to that is you get compelled to take that inner path where you let go of your true essence and turn that cooking experience into a rich expression of your true feelings towards who you are cooking for. You no longer cook with your mind but with your spirit.

Spirituality, I believe is not really about learning who you are but rather about making inroads to discovering and being who you desire to be and channelling all your energies to that effect. Where your spirit and cooking meet is perhaps at that point where you start questioning your current perception and limits regarding cookery.

You tend to allow your connectedness to the one or ones you are cooking for to take the lead. The whole cooking experience then just turns out to be a communication of how you feel served on a plate. It then, I suppose, becomes something that connects us to people, emotions and the environment or just to the outer world in general. There is a certain power and presence in every meal that we prepare. This probably stems from the fact that food is a basic need and also that just the simple act of eating reaches far beyond nourishment by also reaching into our spirits.
Being aware of your connection to others could be what defines the outcome of the meal.

And while we are here, I would like to touch on the basis of the all known spiritual law of cause and effect, which has been a part of who we are for centuries. According to this law, as human beings we are very responsible for the things that manifest in our lives whether good or bad.

I guess the big question is how do we physically cause or not cause things, especially the intangible, to happen in our lives? The dynamics of this law lie in that everything starts and ends within, from getting a job, to cooking, through to having and maintaining healthy relationships.
Good things happen in our lives because there is a lot of good in the world and, therefore, we are bound to encounter them, and these things bring about good thoughts and memories. By the same token, bad thoughts come into our minds because bad things do happen in the world at large and there is not always something we can do to rectify them.

We all go through good and bad.

When you are in the kitchen you are not excused from what happens every day. However, once we are aware and have made sense of the law of cause and effect, we choose to embrace the good and entertain it, based on the phenomenon that it is exactly what we will see manifest in any given situation, or vice versa.

It does not matter whether you are chopping on granite tops or on a homemade outdoor slate; the outcome of the dish is about how you are feeling inside.

Everything is connected; we cannot escape the spiritual laws that govern us universally. Yes, cooking is supposed to be a very easy and natural exercise and, if we want to go cultural, we can even say especially for women.

But the question is: why is it that some women are better cooks than others? Why is it that there are men who can go into a kitchen and leave their wives or girlfriends embarrassed, to say the least, for the master chefs that they are comparatively?

Our world has evolved into a very fast-paced one where takeaways and dine outs have become very fashionable, maybe because we have to spend so much time out there trying to make ends meet. We somehow stray from paying attention to the little things that really made us who we are, like eating very regular, soulfully prepared home meals.

We are raising girl and boy children who will inevitably take on this culture. But should we not bring them back to good quality living and eating before it is too late and while we still can?


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