Saturday, July 2, 2022

Correction/ clarification ÔÇô Halal hysteria

┬áOn Sunday Standard edition of 9th February 2014, there was an article entitled “Botswana Christians in Halal Hysteria” in which I am erroneously quoted. I would like to point out a few things which are not true: First I am not a leader of Evangelical Church of Botswana (ECB) but Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana (EFB). We are an umbrella body for Evangelical and Pentecostal churches in the country. Our faith is based on the Bible and the foundation of our faith as Christians is love.

Secondly it is purported that I have said “halal food is food sacrificed to false god.” I would like to state that such, is a misquote for it was never the question. Halal, is an Islamic concept, and as we all know, the reason there is Islam and Christianity is the simple fact that these two religions or faiths do not share the same sentiments when it comes to fundamental issues of their faith.

Christians do not believe in halal prayers just as Muslims may not believe in Christian prayers. Religious tolerance dictates that Christians respect the Muslims and the Muslims respects Christians. Some of the supermarkets are led by Muslims however; majority of the market is Christian. It is basing on this that we advocate for halal and non halal meat provisions in these shops.

That’s all we are advocating for-religious tolerance. Issues such as these should not be treated casually as they affect a lot of people and┬á may cause religious tensions unnecessarily if not handled with due care. We remain ready for direct interviews on important national issues to ensure proper and accurate writing by the print media.
Rev. M.O. Matlhaope


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