Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Councillors up in arms against Chairman

The Maun Administrative Authority Sub Council has said that its Chairman, Galaletsang Mhapha, has failed to manage council business.

This vote of no confidence on Mhapha was passed on him at a sub council meeting this week.

Mhapha had earlier requested for reconciliation with fellow councillors who have, for some time now, not been seeing eye to eye, following a series of squabbles and impassioned debates that led to divisions and acrimony within the once peaceful council.

Councillors took turns to criticise Mhapha’s administration, saying that it is weak and is totally out of order, especially looking at the many projects which have, to date, not been attended to despite having been discussed in almost every council meeting.

The other councillors also alleged that Mhapha’s many repetitious speeches have no weight as there are never any changes seen on the ground.

He was also blamed for his simple lack of knowledge about the pressing matters in the district that need to be treated with urgency.

They cited the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), which was detected last week in the Matsebe area with Councillor Bontsibokae Ramasu saying at the meeting that it was a disgrace that Mhapha came to council to tell them of uncertainties while in actual fact he could have come well equipped and in a good position to address them.

Apparently, Mhapha only got to know of the new FMD outbreak at the start of the meeting on Tuesday after a savingram informing them was read at the meeting by Lawrence Mazinyane, the Senior Assistant Council Secretary at the Administration Authority.

Ramasu said this was appalling as they (councillors) had been briefed individually the previous week. Ramasu urged Mhapha to show seriousness in his assignment as chairman “because as it stands now, his deliberations do not make any sense to the councillors here”.

Those from the opposition complained of lack of respect from those in the ruling party. They accused councillors from the ruling party of having developed the tendency of always underrating them whenever they stand to speak during council deliberations. They said ruling party councillors always call for unnecessary clarifications and orders.

They further charged that “their free style kind of talking is now threatening the intended purpose of maintaining unity within the council corridors”.

Councillor Monyame, who at one stage also headed the same council before being impeached after crossing over to the BMD, decried the fact that the Sub Council has for some time now failed to create political association. He complained of the lack of respect for other people’s opinions.

“This is a living fact and we all know unity does not exist here. It is up to you, Mr Chairman, to try all you can to address this issue before it is too late,” said Monyame. “This council also disowns us as it appears our concerns are never taken heed of.”

Thato Kwerepe (Mhapha’s former deputy) said the accusations levelled against Mhapha as well as his continuous call for reconciliation is enough proof that something is not right. He said Mhapha should try and bring back his subjects together so that all of them can help take the council to another level.

Kwerepe said even though he is a newcomer to council, he cannot claim knowledge, but can, in a way, help with suggestions.


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