Monday, September 21, 2020

Crazy, silly, stupid, insane and Spoilt!

On the morning of April 4th, 2012 during the Gabz fm programme, the PULSE, which was interrogating a note that is alleged to have circulated amongst BDP members of parliament instructing them to reject the freedom of information Bill, callers deviated from the subject and started accusing the presenters of the programme of their perennial negativity towards the BDP.

The above headline fails but only attempts to describe such behaviour or thinking for lack of a proper description.

I fail to understand just how grown up men and women can find relevance in attempting to advice a whole private radio station on how to operate their business, what issues they should address and how. Has the BDP enthusiasts now lost coordination of what is privately owned and what is BDP controlled or is it just arrogant, ignorant myopia and complacency.

It is alleged that a note was distributed amongst BDP members of parliament and its origin being the office of the president and not Tsholetsa House for God’s sake. Is the office of the president a BDP office or a public office?

There has been many instances where the BDP has conspicuously misused public property and I am just wondering how these bigoted enthusiasts perceive that.

It is very perplexing, annoying and extremely irritating to witness people peddling this kind of injustice. I just wonder if they are doing it for personal pleasure or to please their living God’s. How shameful and how embarrassing it must be to their offsprings.

a). Gomolemo Motswaledi’s letter of suspension from the BDP was read on public radio and TV.
b). Recently at the Mokoboxane by-elections BDF vehicles were branded boldly with BDP posters.

c). General Merafhe has publicly declared that there is no difference between government and the BDP but considering his age it is obvious senility reigns supreme thus let us forgive the chap.

These are just some of the few examples and anybody who sees justice here is crazy, silly, stupid or insane. Call me what you please but the honest truth is you certainly belong to one of these categories. Like a teenager, your brain is just too full of bigoted enthusiasm than wisdom.

Not on a daily basis but every minute of the day the BDP uses Government media to sell its propaganda and advertise itself to every corner of this country now where in hell do these bigots expect us opposition to have a voice?

Immediately after I had called Gabz fm cautioning the irritated bigots that Gabz fm is not a BDP radio station I received a text message from this other tireless bigot that the shareholders of the station are 100 % BDP members. Instead of the information demoralising or embarrassing me it rather gave me hope in that if we still have BDP members owning a radio station that allows for dissenting opinions about the BDP then we have a lot of independent minded voters within the party which we can categorise as a swing vote. That is if it’s true that the station is wholly owned by BDP members!

You see the interesting thing about this calibre of people is they vote rationally rather than blindly and they are in abundance in the ruling party.

Let me give some free advice. When you want to listen to BDP praise poems you can switch on to the most accessible radio stations, RB 1 and RB 2 and your heart problems will be instantly healed. But listening to the private radio stations will worsen your illnesses folks so do thou justice and do what thou art do.

To the Gabz, YFM and Duma fm management and directorship I say champions know that success and change are inevitable; that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback. They know that the best way to forecast the future is to create it. Champions know there are no shortcuts to the top. They climb the mountains one step at a time. You are all champions in your own right. That doesn’t mean you have to be number one or be the best. Just do your best if you aren’t the best, then make those people ahead of you break records by pushing them with your personal best. Consider for a while what we achieve from athletics, the sheer fun of competing, the building of a healthy and alert mind and body, stamina, courage, perseverance, dedication, commitment, selflessness, and most importantly the will to excel. They have no use for helicopters. Keep it up guys and God bless you and God bless the Republic of Botswana.


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