Wednesday, March 22, 2023

CreativeHub delivers Botswana’s first mobile advertising application

CreativeHub, a local production company incorporated in 2011 has announced that its Appvertiser application can finally be downloaded from Google Play. The application, known only as Appvertiser, is a mobile application for android devices that works as a mobile advertiser and allows service providers to reach clients through online medium.

CreativeHub said in statement that after a thorough research that the company carried, it has emerged that of late most small and medium and even other big companies cannot afford the traditional avenues of advertising they decided to develop the application to help them advertise their services.

Katso Morapedi, CreativeHub producer noted that, “traditional avenues have limitations in that if a potential client does not need one’s services at a particular time, they are most likely not going to notice but if service providers advertise in the app then clients will carry their advert with them everywhere they go and potential clients wont have to through the trouble of looking for old newspapers looking for your  advert when they do eventually need your service as all the details of the service provider will be available via the application.”

Currently the CreativeHub’s Appvertiser application has three tabs, Taxi CABS, Auto repair shops and auto parts shops. The application allows users   to book taxi CABS at the cost of a short messaging services (SMS) but be able to state their name, number, current location and destination and have the cab company call them back to confirm the booking.

“When such a booking is made while the user is connected to internet by either Wi-Fi or mobile data when they make a booking it sends their street address to the cab company making it easier for them to be located and picked up. Because we live in the information age the cab service also offers free Wi-Fi to clients so that they can stay connected to either.” Morapedi said Friday.

Morapedi said with the festive season around the corner, the Auto repair and Auto parts tabs allow users to find the best value for money. “Through this app, consumers will be able to locate auto repair and parts shops so that they can service their cars in anticipation of the long journeys back to home villages that are synonymous with festive season.” 


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