Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Cresta Lodge goes ivy by next year

Crestar Lodge, one of the emerging Crestar Marakanelo outfits, sounded warning bells to the markets Friday about its impending plans for the future.

The hotel, which has just got a three star grading, is planning a massive expansion that will see it in close competition with the Four-Star hotels, such as the Grand Palm and its ilk in the country.

The sudden sift will involve some Chinese contract, who barely speaks English but have dazzled the world with their work ethics.
“We are planning a mobilisation period of 10 days,” the Chinese said, after the formal contract singing which is due on May 12.

The new move will see Crestar Lodge, replete with new conference centre and the meal status almost similar to Shushi Shamba and the Dock Restaurant in Tel Aviv, New York and Antwerp, respectively- but with one step down.
The P20 million project, coordinated by six mandarin people, is expected to reach its fruition within the next year.
“The phase two of the extension plan will be within the extension period,” BDC contact person, who controls 60 percent of shareholding, said at the meeting.

The plans by Crestar Lodge fits well into the company’s long strategy of being the future of Botswana, powered by the government’s private equity fund namely, BDC.

“We are trying to create a link between the hotel and the restaurant,” the spokesperson of Crestar Lodge said Friday.

“We are trying to keep up with the demand of the hotel accommodation and building up to the future. We are committed to remain a three-star hotel and menus are going to be upgraded,” he added.


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