Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Cricket Without Boundaries busy at work

The Cricket without boundaries (CWB) crew, an international charity organization that promotes, coaches and teaches cricket has been in Botswana for a week now. As promised to the Botswana cricket association (BCA), seven members of the CWB have set foot on Botswana soils and have already started working with local cricket teachers and visiting schools in and out of Gaborone. CWB came to Botswana as an effort from the BCA to improve the quality of local coaches and teachers of cricket within the government schools developmental programme that was started in 2007. The CWB crew has placed it upon themselves to train local cricket teachers and kids who are interested in cricket, and hope to eventually empower our local communities through cricket. In their first week, the crew has been to a school called Lady Mitchison in Mochudi where they received a warm welcome. The cricket playing community of the school had treated them to a rendition of the country s national anthem and a traditional dance performance. Their first session was with 23 prospective coaches from the schools in the Mochudi area. The crew had bought along with them free t-shirts to hand out to the attending teachers. On the menu for the trainee coaches was the catching practice which was mainly basic catching methods. What followed was a complete training drill with the CWB crew acting as students before some of the trainee coaches took turns at leading a session. The session was completed with a mass catching circle.

The second round commenced with teaching the trainees the basics of grip and stance amongst other activities. They were then let loose to smack balls to the far end of the field. After the teachers, the CWB crew took on the children from Lady Mitchison who were about 30+ in number and were delighted to play a game of continuous and pairs cricket. 45 more students from schools in Mochudi joined the session on the same day. This Saturday, children from different age groups (U11, U13, etc) within the developmental programmes will be given extra attention by the CWB crew.

“Talented and hard working kids from different schools registered within the programme will be there, we have chosen only the very best to attend the Saturday camp at SOS village, “said Girish Ramakrishna, a developmental officer for the programme. The lads have already visited Mmusi and Phaphane schools as well as Ramogotsi and Oodi, in their first week. Next week Monday, all the cricket teachers participating schools in the programme within Gaborone are expected to attend the trainee session that would be held at Notwane grounds in the morning. In the afternoon, they would attend to schools such as Tsholofelo, Ledumang and Notwane at Tsholofelo grounds.

Itumeleng, Philip Moshotle, and Solomon Dihutso primary schools are also awaiting the arrival of the crew at their schools. Ikageng, Tsogang, Boikhutso, Boitumelo and Bosele primary schools would attend their session at Bosele grounds. For the last two days, the crew will be in Ramotswa where they are expecting more than ten schools to participate in the camp, which means at least 20 teachers are expected to turn up as each participating school is expected to send two teachers.


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