Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Criminals threaten action over torture of suspects at Mogoditshane Police Station

Well-known criminals have described Mogoditshane Police Station as the most deadly station in the country where lives of suspects are cut short while others end up confined to wheelchairs.

In an exclusive interview with Sunday Standard, a sound and well-known police customer, who also specialized in armed robberies, Kabelo Mogotsi, commonly known as “Kabila”, described Mogoditshane Police Station as the most notorious police station in the country. Mogotsi said suspects have lost lives in what he said are secret death chambers situated behind the offices.

He explained that when a suspect is taken to that small room, two things might happen: death or paralysis.

“You may think that this is a joke but it is real; the death of my crime partner, Jordan, will expose lots of things that the police do to crime suspects,” he said.

He said the government should institute a commission of inquiry where the public and convicts or crime suspects will testify on the deadly methods that the security agents use when extracting information from suspects.

“The way in which criminal suspects are treated while in police custody is indescribable,” he said.

Mogotsi said there is this common method of extracting information from suspects called “vala” that led to Jordan’s death.
He said the officers would tie both your hands and order you to lie on the floor, naked.
He said then they would take a sliced car tube dampened with water and place it around the face, making breathing difficult and leading to suffocation.

He said Jordan could not have died if the police had not used the “vala” method to extract information from him during interrogation.

Mogotsi said he was aware that Jordan was badly wanted by the police as well as by the military intelligence.
“I appeal to the police boss to fully investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death,” he said.

He warned that they already knew the officers who allegedly killed their friends and partners, both locally and outside the country, and if nothing is done about them, they would do what it takes to insure that justice prevails.

Another well known fraudster, Brinnel Stock, shared the same sentiments with Kabila.

‘If action is not taken to stop police brutally at Mogoditshane Police Station now, security agents will be murdered by those who managed to survive the torture,” he threatened. “I have to be honest with you.”

He said that people might think that he is crazy “but I am not”.
He insisted that Mogoditshane Police Station is where suspects are allegedly being murdered brutally and the public might want to know what evil things the police do to suspects while in custody.”

He described himself as lucky because his body managed to absorb the severe pains he received during torture.
Commissioner of Police, Thebeyame Tsimako, last week ordered an investigation into the death of a 29-year-old man who died in police custody.


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