Monday, April 19, 2021

Culture Spears, Punah and Unity Band off for European tour

A Kulenyane DVD packed in a bag by Gontse Gontse while relocating to France has created an opportunity for a month long European Tour for Culture Spears the traditional music group responsible for the hit DVD. The DVD rotated amongst Batswana, South African, Namibians, and Africans from other parts of Africa in France, Germany and Belgium.

“It amazed me how traditional music transcended language barriers,” Gontse said, seeing an opportunity to introduce Setswana traditional music to Europe. He says he took the cue from Vision 2016 and South Africa’s arts that contribute to Foreign Direct Investment.

He included Botswana’s first lady of jazz, Punah Gabasiane and the Unity Band.

Culture Spears’ manager says they have another pending tour to the United Kingdom which they will undertake after the European tour. That trip, he says, is sponsored by the Botswana High Commission.


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