Saturday, November 26, 2022

Czypionka gets P160 000 a month

PPADB (Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board) has approved Nick Czypionka’s monthly salary of P160 000 as an economic consultant to government.

This was after the Office of the President had requested the PPADB for an extension of Czypionka’s services.

Under his renewed contract, Czypionka works as a consultant for the “Preparation of the Strategy for Economic Diversification and Sustainable Growth and Action Plan for the Business and Economic Advisory Council (BEAC).”

Cypionka’s contract, Tender No: PR 2/2/1/6-2 was renewed by PPADB sometime towards the end of March.

It will run until the end of June.
The Sunday Standard can further confirm that there has been a debate at the Office of the President over Cypionka’s continued presence in government following the submission of the report of the presidential Business and Economic Advisory Committee.

A senior member of cabinet had rooted for Czypionka’s contract to be extended by a further 12 months, but the Permanent Secretaries resisted, and said it could only be by three months, to end of June.

In the end, the Permanent Secretaries prevailed.
Nick Czypionka has lately been in the news over a controversial report he has written spelling out to government how to go about privatizing Air Botswana.

The opposition Botswana Congress Party has already taken up the issue with the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime to investigate possible acts of corruption in the ongoing negotiations between the Botswana Government and the South African carrier, SA Airlink.


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