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Dark and lovely Body Lotion introduces friends for your skin

“All day moisture. All day glow…
Defy extremely dry skin by just applying Dark and Lovely Body Lotion for all day moisturized and glowing skin. I have got it all,” said Nonhle Thema, TV host and ambassador for Dark and Lovely Body Lotion.

The range offers state of the art technology that provides a unique formula that is selected from 1 500 natural ingredients, enriched with glycerin, to maintain optimal moisturization and Vitamin E to nourish and soften the skin. It provides the skin with 24 hours hydration. And proudly presents a breakthrough in skin moisturization.

Dark and Lovely Body Lotion has three types of lotion.

There is Deep Repair Enriched, with unique cocoa butter. It relieves damaged or extremely dry skin and delivers a unique, fragrant experience for maximum pleasure.

Then there is Even Radiance Enriched, with lemon extracts. The gentle exfoliate provides healthy and even skin. Leaves the skin naturally soft, healthy and radiant as ever.

Moisture Plus Enriched has nourishing coconut butter. It delivers a unique nourishing experience, nourishes, protects and softens dry and rough skin.
You can get more information about Dark and Lovely products on 3904941, fax 3904953.

DARK AND LOVELY LOTION is giving away five hampers.
To enter the competition, please send the answer to the following questions to [email protected]. Please do not forget to include your full name and phone numbers. The closing date for entrees is Thursday 27, August, 2009.

Questions: Name three types of Dark and Lovely lotion? Who is the ambassador for Dark and Lovely Lotion?


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