Sunday, January 24, 2021

Dark cloud continues to hang over national netball team

A dark cloud continues to hang on the national Netball team. Despite even performing better in some of the international tournaments, same old problems persist at the team.

The team is scheduled participate at the tri-nations tournament in South Africa next week, but they had less than a week to prepare. On their last day of training, some players were yet to report for camp, especially those based outside Gaborone. To make matters worse, the head coach would not be accompanying the team, despite having been the one preparing it before departing for Pretoria tomorrow (Monday).

Setshedi Mmopi told Sunday Standard that she was only helping the team for the tournament but would not make the trip.

“I would not travel to Pretoria because I have other engagements here in Botswana while the team leaves for Pretoria and I wish them well. But the problems we encountered before the tournament are the same old ones that have been haunting the sport. Imagine, we have less than a week to prepare while others have been busy all the time,” she said.

Botswana will be sweating it out with South Africa and Fiji. Both countries are rated ahead of Botswana, which is rated 18th in the world, while Sotuh Africa and Fiji occupy the seventh and eight positions, respectively. Mmopi also told Sunday Standard that if it was not for lack of adequate preparations for the team, they would compete pound for pound with the so-called big guns.

“There is a lot of talent in this country and if we had all the necessary support, we would always bring more medals from international competitions. Currently we have always been crying over the same problems for many years and it is not helping,” she said.


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