Sunday, April 21, 2024

Daylight robbery at a Molepolole service station

Last Wednesday, robbers made away with P310 000 after raiding the TAJ Filling Station in Molepolole.
Superintendent Andrew Bosilong of Molepolole Police Station confirmed the robbery to the Sunday Standard, saying that the money could have accumulated from the President’s Holidays.

Bosilong explained that he got to know about the robbery from a mobile phone message sent by the service station owner, which read: “Sir this is Mr Tajbhai, we have a robbery at the Shell Filling station for 310 thousand pula please help.”

Bosilong indicated that a woman was appointed to deposit the money before she left.

“When the woman got outside the shop, some guys snatched the money and got away immediately,” said Bosilong, adding that this was a silent robbery because it occurred in broad daylight.

Bosilong said he cannot rule the woman out as an accomplice because inside jobs are becoming common. He, however, conceded that at the moment investigations had not linked the woman to the case.

He said they received four names of possible suspects from tip offs and one of them is helping the police with investigations.

“The suspect has recently bought a car and we are investigating how he bought it,” said Bosilong.
He said investigations revealed that a taxi with blue numbers, which the suspects used as a get-away car, was found to belong to somebody in Gaborone.

The service station owner, Sufiyan Haddadi, also confirmed the incident.
“The situation will not affect the workers but us partners,” said Haddadi, adding that the police reaction after reporting was not as he expected.

“I thought because of the amount of money stolen, they would engage more police immediately after the report was made and maybe come with the helicopter to do the search but they did not.”


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