Monday, May 27, 2024

DCCEC refers BTV case to Ombudsman

Stopping short of dismissing the complaint as too much ‘ado about nothing’, the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) has sent away a complaint filed by the Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU) president Andrew Motsamai, alleging corruption against the director of Broadcasting Services, Mogomotsi Kaboaemodimo, and one of his juniors, Gloria Kgosi.

Following complaints by Btv journalists, alleging possible nepotism, malpractice, abuse of authority and criminality, Motsamai wrote to the DCEC a week ago demanding an urgent investigation on the issue.

At the centre of these allegations are Kaboeamodimo and Kgosi. The aggrieved employees want Kgosi’s appointment as editor at Btv to be probed.

Kaboaemodimo and Kgosi are, among others, accused of lack of professionalism, intimidation, verbal abuse and blackmail.

However, it is understood that DCEC has indicated that it cannot investigate the issue because it falls outside its mandate.

Further, it is understood that the union has been advised to refer the issue to the office of the Ombudsman, Ofentse Lepodisi.

The Union has taken the reply from the DCEC with a pinch of salt as it believes the accusations against Kaboeamodimo and Kgosi are corruption allegations.

“We are terribly shocked by the DCEC’s response,” revealed Motsamai.

He said that the Public Service Act abhors instances of nepotism and makes them criminal
“We are still reflecting on the DCEC response but we strongly feel the investigations must be done by DCEC,” Motsamai stated. He said that the Union will meet to discuss the issue and take a resolution on what to do.

Meanwhile, efforts to seek mediation by some Btv journalists who have complained against Kaboeamodimo and Kgosi hit a snag after the case was postponed.

The journalists are queering their transfers and contend that the transfers are being used as punishment following the complaint they launched against their boss.


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