Sunday, December 3, 2023

DCEC boss steps down

Tymon Katlholo, the director of the Directorate for Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC), is resigning from his post and is expected to go and head the anti-corruption unit in the Central African country of Benin later this year.

Information passed to The Sunday Standard suggests that Katlholo will leave office at the end of April this year to start an anti corruption unit in Benin.

However, Katlholo said he is disappointed by the way in which the Office of the President announced his retirement before he tendered his resignation letter to his employer.

It is understood that Katlholo was approached by the Benin government during the state visit to Botswana by the Benin president to go and assist them to establish an anti corruption Unit.

Speaking to The Sunday Standard on Friday, Katlholo said, “I have not tendered my retirement as yet.”
He said he would make an announcement when the time comes but added that the Office of the President was in a better position to explain.

Katlholo revealed that he had served for over ten years as the director of the DCEC.
“I have been offered a job by the Benin government and both my government and the government of Benin met and discussed the matter.”

He said he was not sure as to exactly when he would be leaving the DCEC but would make an announcement after tendering his resignation letter.

“I will be leaving DCEC as a happy man even though there are achievements and failures; the public will judge for themselves.”

He strongly denied that there was any political interference that compromised investigations, adding that the DCEC is independent.

Katlholo is a former director of the Criminal Investigation Department who joined the DCEC as deputy director in 1994 when it was formed. Three years later, he became the director.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Commissioner of Botswana Police, Mr Kapinga, is expected to take over from Katlholo.
When contacted for comment, Kapinga said, “That is news to me.”

“I am happy where I am but if an offer that suits me comes, I will take it.”


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