Sunday, December 5, 2021

DCEC closing in on Sebina brothers

The Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) is closing in on a number of companies among them those owned by businessmen and brothers Tshepo and Kegone Sebina.

It has however emerged that a secret memo on the investigation was leaked to members of the public among them the Sebina brothers.

The leak has stoked fears that the DCEC may still be harbouring moles determined to frustrate investigations against corruption linked to the former administration. 

This will be the second raid this year by security agents following a joint operation in whichlaw enforcement agencies raided and seized a number of documents that were meant to help them in their investigations.

Mochudi Sub Landboard Secretary Lord Vasco confirmed to the Sunday Standard on Friday that his office had since furnished the DCEC with information that the corruption busting agency had sought early last month.

“We have since responded and furnished them with the information that they had requested,” he said. He would not be drawn into details.

In May this year, the DCEC wrote to Vasco’s office informing him that “an investigation is being carried out into an offence alleged or suspected to have been committed under the Corruption and Economic Crime Act.”

The DCEC Director General Joseph Matambo informed Vasco that “now therefore take notice that in exercise of the powers conferred on me by Section 7(i) (c) of that Act and considering it necessary for the propose of the above investigation, I hereby require you to provide to Mr (name withheld) an officer of the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime.”

Mathambo also informed Vasco to answer any “questions put to you by the said officer in connection with the investigation.”  Vasco was instructed to “furnish all immovable property registered under the listed persons and companies” some of which are owned by the Sebina brothers. Sunday Standard was unable to establish what the impeding investigations against Sebina and Kegone entailed.

Contacted for a comment, both Kegone and Tshepo confirmed that they were aware of the memo from the DCEC written to Mochudi Sub Landboard but they would not be drawn into further details. 

The DCEC spokesperson Phamakile Kraai said: “As the DCEC we can confirm the fact that we have issued the notice and the persons named in the Notice. So the answer to both questions is in the affirmative and for the record, as DCEC we are currently making an inquiry and not an investigation on the matter.”

Sources indicated that the Sebina brothers held a meeting at the DCEC office on Friday morning wherein the memo was discussed. DCEC officials are said to have informed Kegone and Sebina that they were investigating how the memo was leaked to members of the public.

Sources informed this publication that since law enforcement agencies raided Kegone and Tshepo in February this year, they are yet to return the files which are currently in the custody of the Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS).  

Tshepo and Kegone are reportedly Botswana’s foremost indigenous construction moguls who bagged billions of pula worth of construction contracts during the ten years of President Ian Khama’s tenure.

The brothers are personal friends to former DIS Director Isaac Kgosi.

Tshepo Sebina made headlines recently when he bought Asphalt a leading tarmac construction company.

Asphalt was part owned by state owned Botswana Development Corporation (BDC).

Competitors cried foul that Tshepo Sebina was favoured and got Asphalt in a bargain basement deal that smacked of self-dealing.

During the recent raid of the offices of his flagship business, Tshepo Tiles Products were raided and investigators made away expected to shed more light on the behind the scenes goings on in Botswana’s corrupt construction industry.


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