Saturday, May 18, 2024

DCEC leadership under the radar for “unsavoury” relations with suspects -as investigation documents are found at Kgosi’s house

The integrity of the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime and its top leadership has fallen under intense scrutiny after a search at Isaac Kgosi’s house discovered in his possession a docket of the National Petroleum Fund scandal.

A former head of the DIS (Directorate of Intelligence Services) Kgosi was one of the people who had been investigated by the DCEC for corruption at the NPF.

Within the law enforcement agencies there have always been murmurs of an unsavoury relationship between the top DCEC leadership and Kgosi.

This relationship was blamed for lack of progress surrounding the NPF.

The general suspicion is that the DCEC leadership had favoured Kgosi with the docket so that he could brace and prepare himself with pre-knowledge of what had been found or uncovered by the DCEC investigations.

Things at DCEC only started to move after President Mokgweetsi Masisi expressed frustrations with the snail pace of events.

It was then that a multitude of investigators were removed and/or transferred that things started to move.

A key change at DCEC included the appointment of Brigadier Joseph Mathambo as Deputy Director General (Operations).

His arrival also had the effect of overshadowing the Director General, Bruno Paledi.

“Since his arrival here Mathambo is basically running the show. Many of us are at a loss when it comes to who is really is in charge,” said a DCEC investigator.

“There is no doubt that Paledi is a figurehead,” he added.

Also discovered at Kgosi’s house was a docket on the investigation on the death of Segametsi Mogomotsi in Mochudi close to 30 years ago.

DCEC leadership is not the only one facing pointed questions.

The Police Commissioner is said to be expected to explain how pistols that had entered the country as state property were later to be licensed to Kgosi.

“The leadership seems to be lenient on the Police Commissioner because there is a general understanding of the conditions under which he acted as he effectively was taking instructions from Kgosi. In fact the feeling is that he [police Commissioner] was appointed to be Kgosi’s ‘yes boy’,” said a senior official.


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