Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Dee Zone Productions aims to conquer Africa

Recently, Dee Zone Productions won 1st prize at this year’s consumer fair. This was under the Information Technology and Service Provider Category.

Dee Zone is a Botswana based film and television production company, which recently branched into a music label called, Dee Zone Music Group (DMG). The company currently employs 30 permanent graduates and below its belt is the production of BTV’s Letlhabile, BTV’s Magazine show First Issues from 2010 to 2011 and working with many other companies, amongst them FNBB, Child Line, KBL, DCEC, NACA and MVA Fund.

“One of our greatest highlights this year, other than producing Ntwakgolo TV Docu-Drama series and selling Botswana to the rest of Africa via Good Morning Africa on DSTV channel 154 Africa Magic, is being the company behind the Botswana National Olympics Committee video that won the country the bid to host the 2014 Africa youth Games,” the company’s Marketing Manager, Vincent Tiro, recently said in a press release after receiving the award.
The company director, Thabiso Maretlwaneng, had this to say about the company’s future.

What are some of the future film or television productions that we should expect from Dee Zone and which are either similar to Ntwa-Kgolo or that will be of national interest?

Dee-Zone Productions is currently working on several productions concurrently, these being documentaries, feature films, and television films which are of national interest. We have expanded our production crew making it easier to tackle these projects in the most relevant storylines and high definition picture quality and in a timely manner.

Please tell us more about Dee Zone Music (DMG) group. What kind of artists do you sign and where to you intend to take your artists or what level do you want to see your artists reaching considering that Botswana is currently a small market?

Dee-Zone Music Group (DMG) is the music division/record label of the mother company, Dee Zone Productions. It currently has four Hip Hop artists signed to it; namely Cozy God, Ryan Blazer, Steez, King Tux. It has two qualified producers Juzbeatz and Sir Gunda. The label is co-managed by Nhlanhla Malinga. DMG’s Ryan Blaze is at present being featured internationally in the UK and Canada. We shot his video where he is featured by a UK Hip Hop artist and it will soon play on MTV. DMG artists are Game Changers; our approach to music is unique and professional. From recording, mastering, compilations to music videos. The compilation release will be released as a package. This will be inclusive of “the making of the video.” Something that is a bonus to the consumers. Botswana may be a small market but it has a lot of people who appreciate good quality music. Our focus is not only in the Botswana market but we are open minded and ready to work with any artist from any country. Dee Zone Productions wants to grow its artist to the level where they’ll be able to do collaborations with producers and artist who are internationally celebrated so that they increase their international recognition and appreciation. As much as it is about doing music it is mostly about doing quality music that people can enjoy and relate to. At the end of the day, it is about the listener.

What is Dee Zone Productions currently striving to accomplish? It’s main mission and where do you see Dee Zone in 5 years’ time?

Dee Zone is striving to be the pinnacle mass media hub. As much as one can put a milestone to a vision, God is blessing the company every day. We believe our plan to conquer Botswana has already been achieved. Next is the whole of Africa and the rest of world.


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