Thursday, June 13, 2024

Defence Command and Staff College students graduate

At least 39 students from Botswana’s world class Defence Command and Staff College have graduated in a Senior Command and Staff Course.

DCSC offers military and academic excellence for developing selected officers to the highest intellectual and military professional standards for effective command and control of the defence force to respond to defence and security challenges.

Speaking at the ceremony, Colonel J E. Seelo, Acting Commandant of Defence Command and Staff College of BDF, said through the 46 weeks students were engraved with the concept of the profession of arms and military code.

Seelo said the profession of arms is distinguished by the concept of service before self, the lawful, ordered application of military force and the acceptance of the concept of unlimited liability.

Seelo said DCSC has been able to remarkably partner with University of Botswana and are currently working with TEC to be recognized as a credible learning institution, which provides quality and relevant tertiary education.

The Chinese Ambassador Liu Huanxing said learning is important in all sectors, including military and it’s crucial to learn new theories, skills and technologies in the world today, which are undertaking rapid development.

The curriculum of the college covers a wide spectrum of both military and academic subjects.
The University of Botswana offers, among others, Command Leadership & Ethics, Defence Management, International Security and Defence & Strategic Studies offered by the University of Botswana.

Huanxing appreciated the courses offered saying, “I have no doubt that the subjects have prepared you to meet the emerging challenges in the future when you are appointed to positions of higher responsibility.”

He added that the graduation ceremony today doesn’t mean the end of learning, “modern organizations are learning organizations meaning that you should be able to learn from the environment and adapt to changing environment by adopting new systems and process that enhance service delivery and outlook”.

Huanxing said, as developing countries, China and African countries, including Botswana, are more closely linked to each other as both are faced with the common objectives of achieving national development.
“The Chinese government would like to share her experience with African brothers and learn from each other,” he said.

During the past decades, China and Botswana have been enjoying fruitful cooperation in the military field. The two countries also conduct exchanges in military personnel development.

Huanxing encouraged Botswana to have inter-collegiate exchange relations with China.
“I sincerely hope that the Defense Command and Staff College of BDF will also establish a long-term cooperative relationship with its counterpart college in China.”

He commended the tireless effort put in training and developing officers into the sharp operational commanders and staff officers they are now. He also applauded the University of Botswana staff for their unwavering support in making sure that this programme is enriched with academic subjects.


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