Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Deported Nigerian medical doctor linked to ARV tablets alleged thief

Maun-based medical doctor, Henry Chianumungu, who was earlier this week deported from Botswana, has been linked to another Nigerian national who has been remanded in a Maun prison after he was arrested in connection with the alleged theft of ARV tablets from government hospitals.

Oklolo Anthony Ekechuku, who is reported to be the deported doctor?s younger brother, is currently in remand prison in Maun after he and two Batswana were arrested in connection with the alleged theft of ARV tablets in Maun.

Following the initial arrest, the trio was given bail and, immediately after that, Ekechuku traveled to Gaborone and tried to skip the country. He was, however, arrested at the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport and was taken back to Maun where he is still on remand. The Sunday Standard has not been able to establish where the trio sold their stolen booty.

Henry Chianumungu?s deportation, however, is not linked to the theft of ARVs, but follows a series of complaints of unfair practices which included overcharging patients.

At the time of his deportation, police were investigating him after several residents had lodged complaints against him.

Investigations against the two Nigerian brothers fit with an emerging pattern where questionable characters from Nigeria are turning Maun into a happy hunting ground.

Three years ago, another Nigerian in Maun, known only as Peter, was deported from the country for alleged heavy involvement in criminal activities.
At some stage, some of his friends in Maun traveled to Gaborone to try and persuade the authorities that he be spared the deportation but it was in vain and ?Peter? was deported.

Reports in Maun say that Peter was always telling people that he was a businessman but would not say what business he was involved in. ?He was a smart guy and was able to sweet talk his way through most situations,? said Daniel Phenyo, a Maun resident. ?I guess he conned one person too many.?


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