Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Depression survivor embarks on Humanitarian mission

After battling with depression and escaping a near death experience, Thor Dunnett of Dunnett-House-Creations, also known as Teshawn Miller mobilized a team of public figures to help fight the disease. 

As he embarks on this life changing inspirational journey, Dunnett says he is fully aware of what people go through when they are fighting depression. “The journey I am embarking on requires the full support and patriotism of all my beloved countrymen. I am ready to share my story and lovingly accept my true calling as an agent of love and spread it as vastly as I can,” said Thor Dunnett. 

He also said, “The past six months I have hurled through the darkest path of self rejection where I intentionally tried to hurt myself as I felt lonely, unwanted, unloved, and inadequate and rendered myself useless to society all due to a job loss,” expressed Dunnett. According to Dunnett, such instances can make any individual incapable of being an active member of the society.

“I started losing friends, developed depression, vulnerably fell victim to bullying and dabbled into a path of using substances either as anti-depressants or anesthetic to numb myself from the shame of my very own existence,” highlighted Dunnett. 

He also said at his lowest point, he felt life was worthless and would sleep for prolonged periods of time until one day when he decided to put an end to the pain. “Thinking of all the people I love dearly which is my family and having to explain why I would do something so selfish that would put them in long-term misery, it then dawned on me that all I needed to do was to look inward and introspect, remember light, love, happiness and the reason to live as my whole life flashed before me,” said Dunnett. This true life story is meant inspire and to help each other bring out the best in one another for everyone to have a more conducive lifestyle.

Dunnett Foundation which is directed by his mother Piki Dunnett helps people especially affected individuals. This very powerful initiative of counseling and advising the society has been in place for about three months now, as it slowly unfolds to the society at large. The selected team proffers advice by going to schools, organizations and, sometimes, conducts private sessions for people who are suffering and in need of guidance. In the team there is the Anti-Bullying Campaign led by Nijel Amos, Cyber Crime Awareness Campaign led by ATI, Substance Abuse Campaign led by The German Twins, Human Rights Activism led by Motswafere, Anxiety/ Anti-Depression Awareness Campaign led by Masi Sithole, Life Pedestal Motivations led by Shishi Bentley, Anti-Suicide Awareness Movement led by Sumaiyah Marope, OneVoiceOneSoundMovement led by BanT and The Dunnett TouchOneTouchAllReach led by Zenzile Hirshfeld. One can be part of this inspirational movement by either being a volunteer, donor, sponsor or client. “If we all work together we can make the world a better place,” concluded Thor Dunnett. #SpreadLove#PreachLove#PracticeLove.


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